Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cardigan - Motel vintage
Striped shirt - Bristol Textile Recycling center
Tshirt - Motel vintage
'Old Navy' Dungerees - Urban Outfitters
Black tights - Primark
White Converse - The boot room on Park St Bristol

Hi everyone! :} 
I'm not really very pleased with these photos.. I took them in a bit of a rush and hadn't even done my hair or makeup yet from waking up, I tend to spend 2 or 3 out of 7 days with out any face makeup on just so my skin has chance to breath a bit {also lets my eczema calm down a bit}, so when you see posts not showing my face you know its a bad skin day! :'} 
Anyway I had my final x-rays today! woohoo, everything was completely fine and it looks so cool to see my little bones are knitting back together, I want to give them a big kiss and cuddle {as wrong as that would be} and just soothe them for doing so well at fixing hahah. I know of a boy who broke his leg recently and has been shown my blog to see what my legs look like now, its been 12 weeks since breaking my leg and the changes from how my normal leg used to be like are barely even noticeable :} {just a little more swollen}, things can feel tough and time seems to go so slowly when an accident like mine happens, but I want everyone whose broken a bone lately or not long ago, to know that things do get better, the doctor said I was even aloud to run on my leg now. {Although that would hurt, seeing as the muscles aren't repaired properly yet, and this can take up to a year}, but I know how scary it can be to not know what the future holds, so I like to reassure people :} 
ANYWHO! I'm going to Alex's tonight so just a casual kind of outfit, it was really beautiful weather today {for Feburary}, so this was all I needed outside, no coat etc. 
Hope you've all spent this sunny day in a good/nice way, what did everyone else get up to? 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Driving me wild

tshirt - Urban Outfitters, boyfriends
denim jacket - Topshop, YEARS ago
hoody - American Apparel
bag - Motel vintage
leggings - Topshop
socks - American Apparel
shoes - Vans, Office

Today has been such a good day, I started the day by RUSHING to get ready, but it was alright cause' it continued with a relaxing latte with my mum in the coffee shop near Maddies house, my mum then dropped me at Maddies and we went to lunch with Melissa at a pub, I had a tuna melt with curly fries, was YUMMY :} We then carried on to town where we mooched around for a while and Maddie bought a skirt from Urban Outfitters and me and Melissa bought some new headphones :'} Maddie then went to college and me and Melissa went to Costa, was nice to catch up with her!
I kind of just through this outfit together today {in my speedy get up and go motion this morning}, but it actually looks pretty cool together I think! The photos are a bit of a different colour/edit to usual too seeing as I took these when I got back from todays antics so the lightings a bit different to what it is like in the morning, but hey! Hope you've all had a good Tuesday!
PS excuse my DISGUSTING carpet stains from beer, wine, and probably some form of bodilly fluid from house parties over the years, lolz.

Monday, 27 February 2012

I think about you all the time, I see you in my dreams

Apologies for the photos today, really crappy! 
Today was kinda' annoying, me and my mum walked to the hospital seeing as I thought it was my appointment today at 10.00am for my final lot of xrays on my leg {hooray!} when in fact its Wednesday! little annoying things like that seem to throw off the plans for the whole day!
ANYWAY me and mum ended up going to the shops because she wanted to get some things in Sainsburys {swear we spend our lives either wondering the shops or in some sort of coffee shop}, ah well I'll be back in a job soon I expect so make the most of my freedom I guess! :} 
My outfits pretty simple today, I sort of just chucked it on when I was in a rush to leave the house this morning, I'm getting SO bad at posting regularly with my outfits which is annoying because they're usually at their best on the weekends! I might get Alex to take some photos of me next week so we'll see how those turn out :'} 
The jumper I'm wearing is my first ever vintage jumper find, it was a whopping £30 {a lot for a vintage jumper which usually cost around £10-£15 now adays}, it must be around 2 years old {well, been in MY wardrobe for 2 years}, and I still love it :} I remember on the bus to college an old women complimented me on it once and said 'no wonder you're studying fashion ay!' bless. her. little. cottons. 
I'm also wearing my trust frilly socks and Nike high tops, I haven't worn them in around a year seeing as they were left in my garage for an age covered in dry mud from Reading festival 2010!! 
PS sorry I look so rough in the photograph, this morning was a kind of get up and go one without much preperation so sorry about that! :'} xo

Today I Wore;
Vintage jumper - BS8 on Park St, Bristol
Black leggings - H&M
Frilly socks - Topshop
Nike hightops - 5050 on Park St, Bristol
Rings - Motel vintage

[btw - I genuinely do cringe so much the way I say 'vintage' so much, as if I'm trying to be really HIP saying I wear vintage clothes.. but it is vintage?! what else am I supposed to say.. ha!]

Person of the week: My mum and nan, there for me when I was down
Blog of the week: Sara Luxe, always gets me inspired
Song of the week: MIA - Bad girls 
Make up item of the week: NARS bronzer in Laguna, perfect for giving me some colour, and always looks better than blusher on me
Skin-care product of the week: Avene face scrub, perfect for cleaning every pour without irritation
Hair-care item of the week: my GHDs? I have a fringe now so their pretty essential
Favourite twitter(er) of the week: @LucyyLouise - recently discovered her blog and I like!
Photo of the week:
got some goodies from the hair & beauty wholesalers 

Strictly Gershwin

photos from

Went to a ballet with my nan a couple weekends ago, it was literally amazing. I love watching live dance, some people just don't 'get it', which I do understand, I can understand how dancing can all look the same, and how is isnt as fun to watch as it is to actually do it. I feel like this sometimes too, watching dancing on ice and strictly come dancing etc just isn't the same as actually getting up and dancing yourself! Seeing as this was right in front of my eyes and at the Bristol Hippodrome, the music was so loud and real, you almost felt as if you were on stage {seeing as our seats were so close!}. Unfortunatly I wasn't aloud to take any of my own pictures, however I stole these from the website, as you can see the costumes were spectacular, all the shimmery and vibrant colours were just AMAZINGGG AH. I felt transfixed for the whole show, dance is something that kind of hypnotises me, almost like music to a musician or books to a writer, I loove it :}
Did any of you get the chance to see the Strictly Gershwin tour? I'm so glad I went and my nan paid for my ticket {love her}, it was such a nice afternoon out, we had hot drinks in the Colston hall after too, lovely! 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Week according to Instagram

  1. baking cakes with Alex 
  2. chilling in the front room
  3. having lunch at the Willy Wicket on valentines day
  4. looking at Jamie Oliver pizza recipes
  5. making home made pizza 
  6. finished product
  7. milkshake and muffin at Cafe Nero
  8. my baby
  9. KFC in Bath
  10. Frijj milkshake from Tesco
  11. Outfit post edits
  12. Posey photo 

We fell in love at the Seaside

JEEZ I haven't posted on here in over a week. Bad blogger and all that blablabla.

Today I haven't really done much, Alex stayed round and got up really early to go to work, I got up with him for crumpets and rice milk but ended up sliding back into bed after he left (heh). I spent the morning and afternoon, dancing round my room listening to chavvy club tunes and getting ready. Alex then came home and took me to town to pick up my contact lenses (FINALLY), and I bought some more Calcium tablets and hairspray (too random ay)
This outfit is completely random and for no specific occasion! I'm going to a ballet with my nan tomorrow which is exciiiiting! Not sure what I'll wear yet but we'll see :} 

Today I wore;
Vans - Office
Frilly socks - American Apparel
Shirt - Textile recycling center
Jumper - Respycho (Bristol)
Levi shorts - St Nicks market (Bristol)

Mini Haul

I went to town with my friend Jamie last week just for some social happenings and to take back some things AND pick up an eyebrow pencil {that I so desperately needed after completely running out and having to use an old brown eye shadow, which looked SO bad one me}.
I'm so glad I got these socks, they're so cute! They also do them in a mint colour and a peachy colour too {I think!} Jamie picked out the blue ones thanks to the 3 socks for £8 offer.
I buy MAC eye brow crayon in Strutt seeing as its nice and dark and has a really creamy texture, it also has a really nice orangey/red tint to the brown which makes it perfect for matching against my ginger locks! I will be doing a proper review on this soon :} 


Thought I'd do this fun little experiment of summing up my week, thought it was something quite nice and different to the typical Instagram photos everyone does {although I will still be doing these tehe}.

Person of the week: Alex, boyfriend, been here for me all week and saved me from the boredom that is staying in bed till 12pm and paying bills with my mum
Blog of the week: Rockstar diaries - Taza and Husband! can't get enough of her adventures with her husband and baby, so cute and always makes me broody! 
Make up item of the week: Boujoir Volume Mascarra - will always be my favourite and I use it every day! 
Skin-care product of the week: Avene skin recovery cream in Rich formula
Hair-care item of the week: Elnett extra volume hairspray 
Favourite twitter(er) of the week: @lilypebbles
Photo of the week:

A day in Bath

Me and Alex went to Bath on the 16th of February for the day, we didn't do an awful lot as obviously I can't walk that far right now, but we looked in the normal shops we always look in; Topshop, Urban Outfitters etc. Then carried on the one of Baths best vintage shops 'Yellow Shop' I think its called, I got my beloved white booties from there around a year ago now for £7!! Their prices have gone sky high ever since however, which is annoying... £25 for a second hand plaid shirt! no thanks!
However I think its a kind of, try you luck sort of shop, seeing as I saw some really cool lycra kind of leggings which could've almost got away with a rip off of AA Disco pants, and they were £3, but they were all in L or XL :{ 
I ended up settling with the shoes I saw with Jamie last week in UO and found a really pretty necklace made of semi precious stone and a long gold chain. {I want to start making jewellry like this! both for business and pleasure tehe} The shoes are actually really comfortable even though they seem quite squeaky stiff, if that makes sense.. I would prefer it so much more if they were leather, but I've wanted some sort of black studded numbers ever since before Christmas so I thought I might as well! 
I really like the outfit I wore today, It was weird cause I kind of just chucked it on after having to get ready at mine {Instead of Alex's} after not packing any clothes the night before - silly me eh!
Finally got my hands on the grey Topshop dress quite  few people have, I really love the pebble effect the grey material has and how its just so simple and goes with pretty much anything I put with it. I did order this dress in a 6 in 'normal' sizing, but I found it was just a touch too long, I don't have a short torso but I just found it made me look quite shapeless seeing as it didn't quite hit above my knees quite right.. if this makes sense at all! So if you're looking at ordering this dress you should definitely go for the petite sizing if you want it at its shortest! My favourite Henry Holland tights have started to ladder all over the place lately which really upsets me :{ although they have lasted me a fairly long time {beginning of November ish}. I'm also wearing the socks I bought last week when shopping with Jamie.

What I Wore;
Grey dress - Topshop Petite
Henry Holland tights - Dorothy Perkins
Frilly socks - Topshop
New shoeeeeezzzz - Urban Outfitters 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ola! These shorts are literally ridiculously short aren't they?.. never really realised until I saw them in these photos ha! I've had them a good two years I'd say but I just cant seem to get rid, they make me look absolutely tiny (not necessarily a good thing**) and I just love the shape/colour of denim/rhinestone style detailing. Everything shown in this outfit, apart from the grey tank top {Urban Outfitters}, is from Topshop {like most things.. I need to start branching out more!} 
I love the pink sparkly tights I snatched up in a massive Topshop haul that happened due to being upset while at uni a few months ago! They're so thick you could almost get away with them looking like leggings, I think they look good against the shorts seeing as they both have sparkly aspects. The jumper I'm wearing feels just like it looks, snug as a bug. When I first bought the jumper it used to fluff EVERYWHERE, in my mouth, my eyes, all over Alex, etc.. but after about 5/6 washes the fluff started to disappear and to my amazement it didn't turn bobbly!
All the clothes I'm photographing right now are fairly old {sorry about that} but as you can imagine I haven't had the chance to go shopping very much! however I'm planning to go to London for a friends birthday weekend at the beginning of March so I can go shopping then(eee), so kind of saving my money for then anyway :} 
I'm not really doing much today, might even get back into bed seeing as I walked quite a bit yesterday and my leg hurts, also its FREEZING in my house so it seems like the most sensible option right now teheh :} 
Hope you're all having a good Wednesday! xo
Today I Wore;
Grey tank top - Urban Outfitters
Short shorts - Topshop sale {2ish years ago}
Sparkly tights - Topshop {now in the sale for £3.00!}
Chunky knit jumper - Topshop
Doc Martins - from a friend
(**a lot of people lately have said I've lost weight and look painfully skinny, which yes I have lost weight, but this was all due to breaking my leg, I wasn't using it for at least 6 weeks which resulted in basically complete muscle loss round my thighs! Also I wasn't working my body so my muscle just disappeared (pretty much everywhere) also as you can imagine in hospital the food is HORRID so I barely ate the 6 days I was there, and only gained my proper (proper being a stacked plate full of food whenever possible) appetite back around 1-2 weeks after coming out of hospital. I lose weight easily, and take ages to put it on, thats it, thats how my body works, just like some people put on weight fast and take ages to lose weight. :})

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chav lips

Today I had a bit of a sneaky lie in {I'm trying to get into a routine of waking up and being dressed etc by 11am at the latest, even though I might not have anything to do with my day, it'll benefit me once I start working again}. Bless my little leggy in the last photo, you can really see the difference in my ankle size pah! I can't believe you can barely see my scars when I have skin colour tights on though, amazing! Doing these photos is making me feel so much better about my leg and how yes, it does still look basically the same, and yes I can still do photos like this :} My brother actually broke his finger while playing football in school yesterday and now has a cast up to his elbow ! Crazy. {we have the worst health issues at the moment I swear!}
I haven't done anything apart from blogged so far today, I think my mum wants to go pay the bills at Fishponds later which I'll probs join her in doing {This also involves gandering charity shops and visiting Maddie in work - I didn't manage to yesterday haha} 
I kind of customised this outfit, this is the Topshop dress the whole world seems to own, I remember seeing it on Louise from Made in Chelsea and making the connection it was from Topshop and immediately had to purchase, I never usually wear the chunky knit cardi I have on purely because it aggravates my eczema loads on the backs of my elbow, however this dress is 3/4 length so protects it from the itchy wool :} 
I ran out of my beloved MAC eyebrow pencil today so had to use eyeshadow.. I hate the way eyeshadow looks seeing as it just makes my eyebrows look fluffy, much prefer the definition of a pencil! 
Today I Wore;
Scallop cut crop top - Topshop
Sparkly spotted dress -Topshop
Chunky knit cardi - Repsycho (Bristol)
Transulusant tights - Peacocks
Caramel socks - Topshop
Burgundy boots - Topshop
Nails - Barry M Red Black 115 & Silver Glitter 149

Monday, 6 February 2012

You shout it out, but I can't hear a word you say

 Woke up early today to go swimming with my mum and her friend (they go every Monday morning), I didn't actually get in the water seeing as I'm still about nervous about my leg + the chlorine.. my scars are heeled but not FULLY if that makes sense,  In the last photo you can barely tell I have a broken leg right now! crazy, (it is slightly fatter but hey ho)

I sat with a hot chocolate and bacon butty and my book, which was quite a nice start to the day to be honest! Even though the leisure center cafe was filled with little 2 year olds for some reason, some were so cute, but some were moany! ugh :'}
My mums at work right now but when she gets back I'm planning to go with her to Fishponds so I can go see Maddie in work tehe, and order some new contact lenses {I've gone without for about a month now!}
Quite a plain outfit today with not much jewelry, I'm SO excited to go to London in a months time and literally just splash out on all the things I want, and hopefully get some cool trinkets/jewelry in the markets :} 

Today I wore;
Maroon silk shirt - Bristol Textile Recycling Center
Vintage jumper - vintage Motel
Black leggings - H&M
Cosy socks - Primark
All black Vans with padding - Christmas Present {Office}

Any questions about my makeup etc just comment :}