Saturday, 4 February 2012

If the world was to end, would I plumet or stand

As you can tell, I'm not going outside today.. Most people in the South West would have just experienced what I'd call a DOWN POUR of snow. This sucks.. seeing as I'm already wobbly on my feet I could do without the added hassle of ice and snow! Alas me and Alex MIGHT go somewhere later depending on if my mum still wants me to babysit (I really can't imagine her and her friends still wanting to go out on the town in this weather.. really?!) 

I got these Topshop leopard print leggings in the post yesterday, at first I did think all the things one would think when first coming across with leopard print; Pat Butcher, Chavs, 60's tack, 50 year old women trying to look 18... However I started to see them in in a different light when thinking about pairing them with grungey kind of colours/styles {My ideas coming mainly from the new 90s Grunge collection on Topshops site and my secret obsession with Creepers, studs, dark lipstick and the colour black}. 

I decided to wear my Boy London tshirt with it which I think works well. I am also wearing my Urban Outfitters cross bracelet and Revlon Lippy in Sugar Plum to add to the 'gothic-y' look. 
I also received Topshop's face and body highlighter in Sunbeam in the post (had to pur-chase after seeing countless people raving about the product), and I have to say its instant love. I don't have a dewy/oily residue to my skin type (its just dry. thats about it) so using the highlighter adds a slight glow. {Will do a proper review soon!} 

Today I Wore;
Black hoody - American Apparel
Boy London tee - Urban Outfitters sale {yonks ago}
Leopard print leggings - Topshop
Cross bracelet - Urban Outfitters
Rings - Vintage Motel
Nails - Barry M 262 Bright Red

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