Thursday, 2 February 2012

Avene Creme, Skin Recovery Cream

When I first try something new I find it really hard to actually go through with it. If my skin comes out in a reaction to a product, it does NOT look or feel good at all! People with eczema will know exactly what I'm talking about, red, hot, itchy, dry patches that itch so much they sting. Awful! Alas this product has suprised me! About 3 months ago I went into Boots just desperate for any solution the skin specialists could give me when it came to moisturising my face in these harsh winter months. For ages I put off using my free samples of Avene Skin Recover Cream purely because I was reluctant to use it on my raw and uncomfortable skin!

I started off by covering half my face in the cream using circular motions with my finger tips to make sure its rubbed in as much as poss! I was expecting (like with most things I use on my face - even water), an instant stinging. None! Seeing as my face didn't turn red or sting I carried on with the rest of my face, the product itself is very thick and creamy (a dream for someone with really dry skin such as myself), the moisture feels like it penetrates deeply into the pours and the smooth moisturising feeling lasts for hours (I applied mine after my bath about 2 hours ago). I'm a bit reluctant to try this under makeup as it is very thick and feels quite heavy. However it does say to apply morning and night so I will give it a go :} 

Avene Skin Recovery Cream is designed for naturally sensitive skin (fair, thin, prone to redness), its also specifically used on people who have damaged skin due to climatic conditions, excessive cleansing, or drying cosmetics. Its FREE from paraben, fragrance and colouring agency (amazing news for an eczema sufferer!) You can also buy this cream in a light option as apposed to the rich formula I tried so Avene must be suitable for all skin types!

Disclaimer - I was not paid, sponsored or sent this product to review, all comments are true opinions from myself (on all review posts!)


  1. This product sounds amazing! I'd like to try it out sometime, I'll be looking out for it


  2. Winter is one of the seasons, which is bad for the skin condition. It is the most exposed to cold and frost.

  3. I have eczema and the only product that works is avene .I would recommend this product to anyone who is sensitive to creams .