Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cardigan - Motel vintage
Striped shirt - Bristol Textile Recycling center
Tshirt - Motel vintage
'Old Navy' Dungerees - Urban Outfitters
Black tights - Primark
White Converse - The boot room on Park St Bristol

Hi everyone! :} 
I'm not really very pleased with these photos.. I took them in a bit of a rush and hadn't even done my hair or makeup yet from waking up, I tend to spend 2 or 3 out of 7 days with out any face makeup on just so my skin has chance to breath a bit {also lets my eczema calm down a bit}, so when you see posts not showing my face you know its a bad skin day! :'} 
Anyway I had my final x-rays today! woohoo, everything was completely fine and it looks so cool to see my little bones are knitting back together, I want to give them a big kiss and cuddle {as wrong as that would be} and just soothe them for doing so well at fixing hahah. I know of a boy who broke his leg recently and has been shown my blog to see what my legs look like now, its been 12 weeks since breaking my leg and the changes from how my normal leg used to be like are barely even noticeable :} {just a little more swollen}, things can feel tough and time seems to go so slowly when an accident like mine happens, but I want everyone whose broken a bone lately or not long ago, to know that things do get better, the doctor said I was even aloud to run on my leg now. {Although that would hurt, seeing as the muscles aren't repaired properly yet, and this can take up to a year}, but I know how scary it can be to not know what the future holds, so I like to reassure people :} 
ANYWHO! I'm going to Alex's tonight so just a casual kind of outfit, it was really beautiful weather today {for Feburary}, so this was all I needed outside, no coat etc. 
Hope you've all spent this sunny day in a good/nice way, what did everyone else get up to? 

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