Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chav lips

Today I had a bit of a sneaky lie in {I'm trying to get into a routine of waking up and being dressed etc by 11am at the latest, even though I might not have anything to do with my day, it'll benefit me once I start working again}. Bless my little leggy in the last photo, you can really see the difference in my ankle size pah! I can't believe you can barely see my scars when I have skin colour tights on though, amazing! Doing these photos is making me feel so much better about my leg and how yes, it does still look basically the same, and yes I can still do photos like this :} My brother actually broke his finger while playing football in school yesterday and now has a cast up to his elbow ! Crazy. {we have the worst health issues at the moment I swear!}
I haven't done anything apart from blogged so far today, I think my mum wants to go pay the bills at Fishponds later which I'll probs join her in doing {This also involves gandering charity shops and visiting Maddie in work - I didn't manage to yesterday haha} 
I kind of customised this outfit, this is the Topshop dress the whole world seems to own, I remember seeing it on Louise from Made in Chelsea and making the connection it was from Topshop and immediately had to purchase, I never usually wear the chunky knit cardi I have on purely because it aggravates my eczema loads on the backs of my elbow, however this dress is 3/4 length so protects it from the itchy wool :} 
I ran out of my beloved MAC eyebrow pencil today so had to use eyeshadow.. I hate the way eyeshadow looks seeing as it just makes my eyebrows look fluffy, much prefer the definition of a pencil! 
Today I Wore;
Scallop cut crop top - Topshop
Sparkly spotted dress -Topshop
Chunky knit cardi - Repsycho (Bristol)
Transulusant tights - Peacocks
Caramel socks - Topshop
Burgundy boots - Topshop
Nails - Barry M Red Black 115 & Silver Glitter 149

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