Friday, 17 February 2012

A day in Bath

Me and Alex went to Bath on the 16th of February for the day, we didn't do an awful lot as obviously I can't walk that far right now, but we looked in the normal shops we always look in; Topshop, Urban Outfitters etc. Then carried on the one of Baths best vintage shops 'Yellow Shop' I think its called, I got my beloved white booties from there around a year ago now for £7!! Their prices have gone sky high ever since however, which is annoying... £25 for a second hand plaid shirt! no thanks!
However I think its a kind of, try you luck sort of shop, seeing as I saw some really cool lycra kind of leggings which could've almost got away with a rip off of AA Disco pants, and they were £3, but they were all in L or XL :{ 
I ended up settling with the shoes I saw with Jamie last week in UO and found a really pretty necklace made of semi precious stone and a long gold chain. {I want to start making jewellry like this! both for business and pleasure tehe} The shoes are actually really comfortable even though they seem quite squeaky stiff, if that makes sense.. I would prefer it so much more if they were leather, but I've wanted some sort of black studded numbers ever since before Christmas so I thought I might as well! 
I really like the outfit I wore today, It was weird cause I kind of just chucked it on after having to get ready at mine {Instead of Alex's} after not packing any clothes the night before - silly me eh!
Finally got my hands on the grey Topshop dress quite  few people have, I really love the pebble effect the grey material has and how its just so simple and goes with pretty much anything I put with it. I did order this dress in a 6 in 'normal' sizing, but I found it was just a touch too long, I don't have a short torso but I just found it made me look quite shapeless seeing as it didn't quite hit above my knees quite right.. if this makes sense at all! So if you're looking at ordering this dress you should definitely go for the petite sizing if you want it at its shortest! My favourite Henry Holland tights have started to ladder all over the place lately which really upsets me :{ although they have lasted me a fairly long time {beginning of November ish}. I'm also wearing the socks I bought last week when shopping with Jamie.

What I Wore;
Grey dress - Topshop Petite
Henry Holland tights - Dorothy Perkins
Frilly socks - Topshop
New shoeeeeezzzz - Urban Outfitters 

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