Monday, 27 February 2012

I think about you all the time, I see you in my dreams

Apologies for the photos today, really crappy! 
Today was kinda' annoying, me and my mum walked to the hospital seeing as I thought it was my appointment today at 10.00am for my final lot of xrays on my leg {hooray!} when in fact its Wednesday! little annoying things like that seem to throw off the plans for the whole day!
ANYWAY me and mum ended up going to the shops because she wanted to get some things in Sainsburys {swear we spend our lives either wondering the shops or in some sort of coffee shop}, ah well I'll be back in a job soon I expect so make the most of my freedom I guess! :} 
My outfits pretty simple today, I sort of just chucked it on when I was in a rush to leave the house this morning, I'm getting SO bad at posting regularly with my outfits which is annoying because they're usually at their best on the weekends! I might get Alex to take some photos of me next week so we'll see how those turn out :'} 
The jumper I'm wearing is my first ever vintage jumper find, it was a whopping £30 {a lot for a vintage jumper which usually cost around £10-£15 now adays}, it must be around 2 years old {well, been in MY wardrobe for 2 years}, and I still love it :} I remember on the bus to college an old women complimented me on it once and said 'no wonder you're studying fashion ay!' bless. her. little. cottons. 
I'm also wearing my trust frilly socks and Nike high tops, I haven't worn them in around a year seeing as they were left in my garage for an age covered in dry mud from Reading festival 2010!! 
PS sorry I look so rough in the photograph, this morning was a kind of get up and go one without much preperation so sorry about that! :'} xo

Today I Wore;
Vintage jumper - BS8 on Park St, Bristol
Black leggings - H&M
Frilly socks - Topshop
Nike hightops - 5050 on Park St, Bristol
Rings - Motel vintage

[btw - I genuinely do cringe so much the way I say 'vintage' so much, as if I'm trying to be really HIP saying I wear vintage clothes.. but it is vintage?! what else am I supposed to say.. ha!]

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