Sunday, 5 February 2012

No face, today

Hola! sorry for the lack of face in this photo (although I'm sure nobodies complaining), I can't be bothered with makeup today seeing as I'm starting to get a few break outs and my eczema's playing up again :{ so thought I'd let my skin breath :} Today isn't a very exciting day hence the small post and hence why I'm wearing quite a casual outfit today.
My weekends been pretty standard, I did a lot of waiting around for Alex {as always at the moment!} he cooked us Mexican food on Friday night and we watched Limitless which was surprisingly good {I thought it would be a boy film}, then Saturday I did more hanging around while Alex went to work, saw my friends for about an hour before I then had to babysit for my mum to go out on the town! me and Alex had another night in infront of the telebox eating yummy food and drinking wine. 

 I probably won't be going anywhere (although I would kill for a Sunday lunch in a cosy pub) today, Instead I'll probably end up sorting through some insurance stuff to do with my leg and just generally have a lazy Sunday.. fun! Alex left this morning to go back to Cardiff this afternoon which was sad, but hes back not this week but the one after for a whole week so hopefully I'll do something with my life that week/go out somewhere cool :} 

Today I Wore;
Navy Print vintage t-shirt - Boyfriends (oops)
Denim tie up, cropped back waistcoat - H&M (YEARS ago)
Print leggings - H&M (again, years ago)
Nails - Bright Red, Barry M

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