Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ola! These shorts are literally ridiculously short aren't they?.. never really realised until I saw them in these photos ha! I've had them a good two years I'd say but I just cant seem to get rid, they make me look absolutely tiny (not necessarily a good thing**) and I just love the shape/colour of denim/rhinestone style detailing. Everything shown in this outfit, apart from the grey tank top {Urban Outfitters}, is from Topshop {like most things.. I need to start branching out more!} 
I love the pink sparkly tights I snatched up in a massive Topshop haul that happened due to being upset while at uni a few months ago! They're so thick you could almost get away with them looking like leggings, I think they look good against the shorts seeing as they both have sparkly aspects. The jumper I'm wearing feels just like it looks, snug as a bug. When I first bought the jumper it used to fluff EVERYWHERE, in my mouth, my eyes, all over Alex, etc.. but after about 5/6 washes the fluff started to disappear and to my amazement it didn't turn bobbly!
All the clothes I'm photographing right now are fairly old {sorry about that} but as you can imagine I haven't had the chance to go shopping very much! however I'm planning to go to London for a friends birthday weekend at the beginning of March so I can go shopping then(eee), so kind of saving my money for then anyway :} 
I'm not really doing much today, might even get back into bed seeing as I walked quite a bit yesterday and my leg hurts, also its FREEZING in my house so it seems like the most sensible option right now teheh :} 
Hope you're all having a good Wednesday! xo
Today I Wore;
Grey tank top - Urban Outfitters
Short shorts - Topshop sale {2ish years ago}
Sparkly tights - Topshop {now in the sale for £3.00!}
Chunky knit jumper - Topshop
Doc Martins - from a friend
(**a lot of people lately have said I've lost weight and look painfully skinny, which yes I have lost weight, but this was all due to breaking my leg, I wasn't using it for at least 6 weeks which resulted in basically complete muscle loss round my thighs! Also I wasn't working my body so my muscle just disappeared (pretty much everywhere) also as you can imagine in hospital the food is HORRID so I barely ate the 6 days I was there, and only gained my proper (proper being a stacked plate full of food whenever possible) appetite back around 1-2 weeks after coming out of hospital. I lose weight easily, and take ages to put it on, thats it, thats how my body works, just like some people put on weight fast and take ages to lose weight. :})


  1. You look great! I love your shorts and pay no attention to people's comments


  2. Those shorts are amazing. Need those! :)