Monday, 27 February 2012

Strictly Gershwin

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Went to a ballet with my nan a couple weekends ago, it was literally amazing. I love watching live dance, some people just don't 'get it', which I do understand, I can understand how dancing can all look the same, and how is isnt as fun to watch as it is to actually do it. I feel like this sometimes too, watching dancing on ice and strictly come dancing etc just isn't the same as actually getting up and dancing yourself! Seeing as this was right in front of my eyes and at the Bristol Hippodrome, the music was so loud and real, you almost felt as if you were on stage {seeing as our seats were so close!}. Unfortunatly I wasn't aloud to take any of my own pictures, however I stole these from the website, as you can see the costumes were spectacular, all the shimmery and vibrant colours were just AMAZINGGG AH. I felt transfixed for the whole show, dance is something that kind of hypnotises me, almost like music to a musician or books to a writer, I loove it :}
Did any of you get the chance to see the Strictly Gershwin tour? I'm so glad I went and my nan paid for my ticket {love her}, it was such a nice afternoon out, we had hot drinks in the Colston hall after too, lovely! 

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