Friday, 17 February 2012


Thought I'd do this fun little experiment of summing up my week, thought it was something quite nice and different to the typical Instagram photos everyone does {although I will still be doing these tehe}.

Person of the week: Alex, boyfriend, been here for me all week and saved me from the boredom that is staying in bed till 12pm and paying bills with my mum
Blog of the week: Rockstar diaries - Taza and Husband! can't get enough of her adventures with her husband and baby, so cute and always makes me broody! 
Make up item of the week: Boujoir Volume Mascarra - will always be my favourite and I use it every day! 
Skin-care product of the week: Avene skin recovery cream in Rich formula
Hair-care item of the week: Elnett extra volume hairspray 
Favourite twitter(er) of the week: @lilypebbles
Photo of the week:

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