Friday, 3 February 2012

Baby theres just one, one, one, wo-wo-one

Today I got up extra early to make sure I was up and out the house for some much needed fresh air and day light (having no job, and not being at uni, usually ends up with me waking up gone 12pm, and only just washing and doing my makeup by 3pm (ish), shameful I know)
We ended up going to a garden center to get some logs and to Costa in Emersons Green (my mums favourite past time), and she nabbed a free sample of some foundation she needed in Boots. Last night I ordered my beloved Disco Pants which I've been pining after for SO long now, and American Apparel had an online Flash Sale of 30% off last night so I jumped at the chance and ordered some in Black (goes with everything)
This is my first ever 'proper' outfit post and as you can tell I'm quite new to it all so you'll have to bare with me what with the camera angles/photo qualities and how much I can be bothered to repaint my chipped nails (heh) I'm wearing my NARS Super Orgasm blush today which I can't get enough of (looking at it, touching it, aww'ing over its tiny packaging etc), even though I look REALLY tired and my skin isn't flawless I think it rather suits me :}
Today I wore:
Green Parka coat - Esprit
Brown leather rucksack - Urban Outiftters
Silk shirt - Textile recycling factory
Cream woolen cardigan - Repsycho (Bristol)
Purple skinny cords - Topshop
Owl Necklace - Topshop 
Rings - Urban Outiftters and Vintage Motel
Nail Varnish - Barry M