Sunday, 5 February 2012

Topshop Face & Body highlighter in Sunbeam, Review

After loads of hype about this highlighter (especially from Kate of gh0stparties) I was sat traipsing through the makeup/clothes I want/can't afford and looked at it for ages online and just thought.. ah, what the heck :} and I'm SO glad I clicked the order button! 
The packaging for Topshop makeup first up, is so cute! I love the way my 9 year old brother could design something simular yet I think it gives it a really niche look, {although, this could go one of two ways, I think a lot of people (including myself) were quite reluctant to try the Topshop make up when it first launched in 2010, the packaging could come across on one end as looking quite tacky and cheap, OR it could come across as expensive seeing as its different to most high street packaging I've seen. Also, a makeup brand coming out of a clothing brand..? hhmm.}
This is in fact my first purchase from the Topshop make up range, and I'm pretty sure it won't be my last ! As soon as my package came through I used it straight away (hence the brush marks, soz!).
The highlighter itself gives a really subtle/natural looking glow to the skin and you only need the slightest brush stroke to add an effect, just by looking at the product in its packaging it looks like it would come out as some crazy lemon sorbet coloured blush, but it in fact has loads of pearly/golden pigments that do their job a treat :} This highlighter seems perfect for any skin tone, mine is very dry so adding the highlighter on top of my foundation gives my skin a nice glow even though I don't have oily/dewy skin. 

This Topshop highlighter costs £9 in all UK stores :}

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