Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Driving me wild

tshirt - Urban Outfitters, boyfriends
denim jacket - Topshop, YEARS ago
hoody - American Apparel
bag - Motel vintage
leggings - Topshop
socks - American Apparel
shoes - Vans, Office

Today has been such a good day, I started the day by RUSHING to get ready, but it was alright cause' it continued with a relaxing latte with my mum in the coffee shop near Maddies house, my mum then dropped me at Maddies and we went to lunch with Melissa at a pub, I had a tuna melt with curly fries, was YUMMY :} We then carried on to town where we mooched around for a while and Maddie bought a skirt from Urban Outfitters and me and Melissa bought some new headphones :'} Maddie then went to college and me and Melissa went to Costa, was nice to catch up with her!
I kind of just through this outfit together today {in my speedy get up and go motion this morning}, but it actually looks pretty cool together I think! The photos are a bit of a different colour/edit to usual too seeing as I took these when I got back from todays antics so the lightings a bit different to what it is like in the morning, but hey! Hope you've all had a good Tuesday!
PS excuse my DISGUSTING carpet stains from beer, wine, and probably some form of bodilly fluid from house parties over the years, lolz.

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