Friday, 17 February 2012

We fell in love at the Seaside

JEEZ I haven't posted on here in over a week. Bad blogger and all that blablabla.

Today I haven't really done much, Alex stayed round and got up really early to go to work, I got up with him for crumpets and rice milk but ended up sliding back into bed after he left (heh). I spent the morning and afternoon, dancing round my room listening to chavvy club tunes and getting ready. Alex then came home and took me to town to pick up my contact lenses (FINALLY), and I bought some more Calcium tablets and hairspray (too random ay)
This outfit is completely random and for no specific occasion! I'm going to a ballet with my nan tomorrow which is exciiiiting! Not sure what I'll wear yet but we'll see :} 

Today I wore;
Vans - Office
Frilly socks - American Apparel
Shirt - Textile recycling center
Jumper - Respycho (Bristol)
Levi shorts - St Nicks market (Bristol)

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