Monday, 12 March 2012

Glossy Box, HARRODS Edition

I was so jealous when I saw lots of other bloggers attending the Glossy Box event a couple weeks ago, hopefully I'll get myself invited to one maybe next year! 
I'm quite impressed with this months Glossy Box, at first I thought 'so this is supposed to be for sensitive skin....' but then read further into some of the products and was pleased to see minimal ingredients and the two sacred words to Allergy sufferers 'paraben free'. Also all the products I received were French, which makes me happy..

01. Versace - Vantias Versace Eau De Parfum - HOW. CUTE. IS. THIS. Obviously this was the first thing I opened, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this sample was actually quite literally a mini version of the purfume itself, with a box and everything! The smell is not 100% me, but very classy and quite a mature smell, apparently it has notes of tiare flower, lime and freesia in it.

02. Bliss - Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter - I looove body butters! However I rarely get to actually use them seeing as I have to stick with my eczema cream, however I think I might just give this one a try, it deserves it just for smelling so lovely! you get quite a big sample and its completely paraben free. Its quite a thick moisturiser but still quite light, the smell is also really refreshing. The samples also quite big! {50ml}

03. Revive - Intensite Creme Lustre SPF30 - This product is really thick and looks very moisterizing, it doesnt really smell of much, I havent tried it yet seeing as I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to trying out new face products incase of a reaction, however this cream is supposed to reduce the appearance of sagging skin, and also has a high SPF! 

04. Lancome Juicy Tube in Toffee R'N'B, an ultra shiny and hydrating lipgloss - this product smells, AMAZING, literally the best smelling lipgloss I have ever smelt, it almost reminds me of Toffee ice cream or opening up a box of toffees from cornwall, mm. The gloss itself is really pigmented and glittery, Depending on how shiny you want your lips I think it depends on how much you apply, and because of its natural colouring I think it would be a good gloss to add to lipstick. Its downfall is that its quite sticky, but still very moisturising. 

05. Clarins - Extra Firming Body Cream - This product is allergy tested, the packaging reminds me of posh old ladies for some reason ha! Again doesn't smell strongly of fragrance which is a plus, the consistency is thick and looks extremely hydrating, can't wait to try! 

A couple of people have recently asked me if the Glossy Box as a beauty box is worth it, so far I've only had two boxes, and I have to say I've liked all the products so far so I cant really complain, and for £10 a month you get so many luxury products to try which I would usually never even dream of spending the money on :} 
Hope you liked my reviews! 

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