Thursday, 1 March 2012

People sometimes ask me how I get my skin looking so smooth and healthy even though I do suffer from excema on my face. 
First few simple steps are obvious, and ones everyone should do -
  •  NEVER leave your makeup on over night
  • Always drink plenty of water/fluids during the day
  •  and of course have a healthy amount of Vitamin D {sunshine!}.
 I also take an Omega 3 tablet every day to top up the moisture and natural oils in my skin. Even after all that being done religiously my skin is still not perfect, but then I don't think anybodies really is! These steps just help, and of course aren't suited to every skin type, however I do a lot of research regarding skin care so if you've got any questions or want me to suggest something to you don't be afraid to ask :} 

As you can see I use ALL Avene products. When I was suffering really bad with my face excema due to the stress of uni, I went into Boots to seek some {desperately needed} help, and a kind lady gave me tonnes of Avene samples. {I also obtained a couple free samples in the post from Avene themselves last week which was such a nice surprise! {after tweeting them about my Avene Skin Recovery cream review - here}. At first I was reluctant to use them incase of a reaction, and I had also only ever been used to using medicated products from my doctor to treat my excema. However one day I just went for it, and I'm so glad I did! 

01. I usually start of by taking my makeup off with the Avene Tolerance extreme cleansing lotion, it really does strip back all of your makeup and never leaves any sneaky bits behind. It also leaves your face feeling hydrated and all round CLEAN. However the only downfall to this product I find is that you have to use quite a bit to remove all your makeup, and most of the Avene products come in bottles around 50ml in size {which is nowhere near enough! I think my first Cleanser I bought only lasted me 3 weeks max!} and its quite pricey. However I find it works the best and doesn't make me come out in a rash, so thumbs up for that! 

02. Like I said above if I'm using a scrub on my face its very rarely, however the Avene one is lovely. Its not fragranced so unfortunately doesn't smell beautiful :( however it works a treat. Its hypo allergenic and non comedogenic {like most Avene products} so doesn't irritate my skin, If I use this product I always have to cleanse after to restore the moisture so my skin doesn't feel tight/flakey. The beads in this product feel really refreshing and also make your skin feel very clean and refreshed after use.

03. Avene suggest to use the Avene Thermal Spring water in an everyday cleansing routine, however I don't use it very often due to the fact my skin almost freaks out if I use too many products at once, although I do think it is a REALLY luxurious product and would be perfect in a hot climate/on holiday to cool you down. {I know a lot of bloggers here on the blogsphere use the spray just as a treat to the skin throughout the day - it also states on the can it keeps make up in place longer when used that way!}

04. I think I would become depressed if it wasn't for this product. There is nothing worse than a tight/flakey/red AND itchy face, which I get more than enough {horrible}, but this cream literally calms it down within around 15 minutes, and makes your skin feel sssoo soft and completely replenished, mmmm!

01 - Avene Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion - £11-14.50
02 - Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub - £8-11.90
03 - Avene Thermal Spring Water - £3-5
04 - Avene Skin Recovery Cream in RICH Forumla {also available in Normal formula} £12.50
{I get all my pricing from google, amazon, and Boots websites - Available world wide!}

Avene products have really helped my confidence when it comes to treating my excema, before I was frustrated and upset I had to use unattractive excema creams and smell like glue {what my boyfriend says..}, but now I've discovered Avene its so nice to use a product that makes you feel like you're using something from the highstreet, something NORMAL! :} Hoorah for Avene!

*Disclaimer - all opinions are my own, I was not influenced, sponsored or asked to do this post by Avene,  all words are legit! :}
All products stated were bought with my own money from a Boots store in the UK

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