Monday, 30 April 2012

Life according to my iPhone pictures lately:
leg muscles are finally becoming the same size again after my accident. Coconut and Lime curry. My kitty cat. Thursday night. Again. Jeremy. before going out Saturday. Out on Saturday. Before going on a job hunt in town. Disco Shorts. New Disco Mix Models Own nail polish. my friend Alice. 

Glossy Box April 2012

Olloah everybody!
thought i'd do my thoughts and reviews on what will be my third box since signing up to Glossy Box in February! To be honest I haven't had the best boxes so far, they've all been exciting purely because the post man comes to my door with a pretty box full of beauty products just for me. However this months has really tickled my fancy! When I first saw the packaging I thought 'hm yeah that makes sense, Its coming into Spring, so give the box quite a fresh and natural type look. However after looking inside at my products (people may have different to me seeing as my products are supposed to be for sensitive skin), I thought straight away it was a sort of 'organic' type of box. Before I unwrapped everything, I read the card, and oh my! Everything I was reading about seemed PERFECT and USEABLE (I usually can't use any moisturisers etc seeing as they are perfumed) 
Below I have taken some photos and will talk about the products in turn :)

EYELINER?! In a beauty box?! and a full length one!? Hoorah! (was my initial thoughts), however as I began to open the packaging, I realised it was blue.. blue? I never ever wear blue eyeliner, I dont think I even wore it when people went through a coloured eyeliner stage around the age of 12? I mean I know lots of people wear coloured eyeliner and suit it, and really do look beautiful, I just don't think the colour does anything for me! However the eyeliner is Organic and uses natural products, which I love, the blue colour has a really nice shimmery pigment too, and just like its described, it really does have a 'rich and creamy consistency' I would be really intrigued about the black coloured liner.

Perfume Oil, at first I was a bit meh about this tester, Perfume oil meant putting it directly onto your skin (whenever I wear perfume I tend to put it on my clothes/hair rather than my skin seeing as I would probably react to it - silly sensitive bod!), so as you can imagine I wasn't exactly thrilled, however I did put it on my pulse points like it describes and luckily didn't have a reaction :) Its 'intoxicated with a blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics', which really comes through in the smell, its an extremely florally smell and wouldn't be my initial choice of scent, and its fairly pricey! Apart from that however, its quite summery and refreshing.

I was quite excited when I saw the brand Caudalie was included in this months glossy box, I was once given an eye/lip cream sample from Boots made of 80% grape or something (can't really remember..), its so say an extremely natural and plant based serum, which in turn ensures your skin never lacks moister, full size it costs £29.00 (Wowwww), but I can say that it is extremely moisturising, again I only used it on the back of my hand, however will probably use it on my skin soon. Its a very light consistency and doesn't really smell of much!

I've only used this once since I got my glossy box, its always hard to tell what shower products aggravate my excema seeing as it flares up on and off all the time, however it smells devine! love this product! and all products coconut to be honest.. Its a really nice creamy shower gel and I'm surprised how big the bottle is for Glossy Box! 


This has to be my FAVEEE product from this months Glossy Box, a Figs and Rouge lip balm, 100% pure, 100% natural and 100% organic. All these words are music to my ears, and skin, believe me! Its SO hydrating, way more so than the standard vaseline, It actually contains no petroleum so is a pretty weird consistency.. It seems to be quite 'bitty' at first but then as you massage more into the lips it kind of turns oily? The smell is really natural/beautiful, I am definitely taking advantage of the 20% off Glossy Box are giving away for Figs and Rouge this month.

I hope you all enjoyed your Glossy box's as much as I did this month :)
If you haven't yet subscribed, I pay £10 a month and in turn receive a box with at least 4 samples in each month! lovely jubbly.

Guess whose back with a brand new rap

really shitty photos to be honest guys! Sorry about that ha.. I was rushing so much to get them taken as my camera battery was so close to 'exhausted' so yeah, thats my excuse.. I also had to use my small digital camera for the one of ma face. ha, excuse my face also, tired + been in town all day handing round CVs and what not results in lacking makeup. 
I feel really bad for not blogging in so long, but mainly for myself, I like to look back on my outfits for inspiration for occasions, like if I can't remember an out fit or don't know what to wear I can remind myself on here what looked good together.
Today I went for quite a casual look seeing as I was applying for jobs, I wanted to make it me but not TOO scruffy (like the usual me), so a bit more 'polished' or 'tidy' to make a good impression. I really do hate job hunting all over again, I thought those days were over for me when I got my first job! So I sure hope someone gets back to me soon, seeing as my mum has started to nag me for sitting around the house, and all the new shoes/clothes/makeup I want arent going to pay for themselves!
I have a few blog posts coming up that I'm probably going to plan tonight, just including things I've bought recently and what not. Is there anything you guys would want to see from me? photos from my weekend? my daily makeup routine on video? anythingggggg.. I'm getting bored with the standard outfit posts (as much as I like doing them). 
Let me know :) xo

Tshirt - Motel
Jeans - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Office
Earings - Primark
Watch - Urban Outfitters
Nails - Models Own, Disco Mix

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sorry guys

Oh jeez.
I don't even know where to begin to explain why I haven't blogged in literally SO long, I really don't have an excuse, I am a fail. I've also probably been enjoying myself too much going out with friends/the boyfriend/ma mere.
I have had tonnes of time to do outfit posts and other things, but I just haven't! I'm sure most of you know how it is. 
My hair looks a bit of a mess in that photo, its so so long now though I love it! Just need to redye the ends again I think, they look very uneven and strange.. ha!
I'm soon to be doing my views on the latest April Glossy Box so keep tuned ;)