Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Things

Yesterday I ran into town to hand around some CVs to places that are recruiting in my local shopping center at the moment, I'm really hoping I hear something back seeing as I'm getting desperate! Desperate for money of course but also desperate to meet new people and have something to do with my day.

ANYWAY, I ended up finding myself wondering into American Apparel and picking up the red Disco Pants I have admitidly been lusting after for sooo long now.. I already have black Disco Pants, which I wear pretty much every time I go out because they are just so versatile (and bootylicious), so I thought, why not! However after getting them home and trying them on infront of the mirror.. my gosh arent they short! I'm deffo going to have to shape up my legs/eczema etc if I actually want to brave wearing these out on a regular basis (probably only out to town to be honest.. or to dress up.. or in Summer? probably not in Summer though seeing as they are BRIGHT red and practically pants..

But yes I also updated my moisterizer seeing as at the moment I've resulted to the old cut the top off trick to get as much out of the tube as I can. £14.50 for Avene Tolerance extreme cream, £14.50!!! So expensive.. but its the only thing that doesn't actually make my skin sting when I apply it and always give me a smooth face, not to mention its a perfect base for makeup, so I suppose it justifies itself..I also bought some crop tops from Primark, I plan to wear these underneath kind of sheer tops or tops I have with slits in the side, I think it looks a lot 'cooler' than showing your bra (even though I do that too), I just like the ol' crop top look. I also bought a body .. suit? kind of thing. Its really tight seeing as its a size 8 and I swear in Primark you just have to get a size like.. 12 even if you are a.. 6?! but Anyway it has a really cool scooped neck at the back and really reminded me of something you'd pick up in American Apparel for quadruple the price! I think it would look really cool with some jeans/disco pants/disco shorts!

I also picked up some Models Own polishes (my first ever purchase from their brand), and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AHH. The photos don't really do them much justice seeing as for some reason my stoopid camera wouldn't focus up close.
but ya, all in all quite a nice little 'haul' I thought, if you wan't to call it that.. 

Chow for now lovies xo


  1. Great purchases! I think I have that purpley Models Own polish, such a pretty colour.
    Just stumbled across your blog, but it's so lovely! xx

    1. yesss Model's own have really amazing polishes atm! wish I had enough money to buy them all :) xx

  2. likeeee your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!!