Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pine cone head

hello ! Today I've been to the mall with my mum and her friend, and then to other shops with my mum because she needed to print some photos for my brothers school project.
I've felt quite tired today! My body naturally woke up at 7.50am! So thought I might aswell just get up and ready :) I actually really like this outfit, never thought to put it together before. My mum said it didn't go together, but what do mums know ay! (just kidding <3) 
My lipstick is Barry M, I like it, but its quite a cheap looking red, if that makes sense.. quite 'tarty'? ha. Its good for some looks though, but today it was just the first one I happened to grab (was in a bit of a rush to catch our lift to the mall this morning).
I actually didnt end up buying anything. But tried an Essie polish today, which I really really really want, the finish is SO nice and shiney, and I needed one coat to cover my nail, and it dried super fast. 
Anyway, hope you've all had a good day in the sun and managed to catch some of the rays!! :) 
chow for now xxxx

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