Friday, 18 May 2012

Wish list

'Wish list', now when I say wish list, I actually mean, stuff I REALLY want but would never be able to afford in one shopping trip.. or a years worth of shopping trips for that matter.
I'm really into American Apparel stuff at the moment, ever since buying my disco pants I've not looked back! 

01.The first item I picked out from AA was their chiffon shirt with a pussy bow tye, I absolutely love the colour of this shirt, and to be honest haven't really seen another quite the same! However they are soooo stupidly over expensive, for something you could get in Primark for a fraction of the price.. but it just seems nicer coming from AA.. yano?
02.In the store near my house they've styled it with the dungerees I've put next to them, and it looks awsome. Pair of frilly socks, and you're away. Seeing as me and Alex have been looking at holidays lately, I need a bikini, and I LOOOVE this high wasited stripey one from American Apparel, I think it gives a really flattering shape and I like the colour combo of the stripes. 
03.The USA print tshirt was sort of random, I don't like it that much, just think its quite a cool one to pair with my levi denim shorts and maybe converse and again, frilly socks (can't get enough). I'm looking for more summery jumpers lately 04.(lighter/fresher/less woolen like), and this one just seems perfect. I love this material and the colour looks almost edible, I think paired with the neon pink polish and some of the American Apparel shiny nylon leggings it would look perf. 
05.Lately I through away a load of my shorts from a few years back, so naturally, I'm looking into getting some more, (I like the ombre shorts everyone seems to have/have their eye on in Topshop at the moment, and also all the neon colours that look like they'd look beautiful with a nice tan.. sob sob) ALAS, I love these high waisted cut offs from American Apparel, I the colour, the cut, the fit. yeah. The next item isn't really me to be honest, but I can just see this looking good under again, Levi's, or a sheer chiffon skirt or even shorts. 
07.The nail varnishes are just something pretty for my eyes, I've been looking for a neon pink polish for ages, the type that you can usually only get at a professional nail bar. However I like this one, same with the glitter polish (just bought myself Ibiza mix from Models Own, lovelove). 
08. 09.I'm obsessed with the American Apparel frilly socks, so the picture I've inserted is kind of self explanatory. I want some more. Same with the tights, I love! and just think they're very me. 

01 - Chiffon Secretary blouse £54
02 - Denim short all £76
03 - Stripped bikini, high waisted shorts, top £14 bottom £22
04 - Screen printed unisex power washed tee - US flat vertical £26
05 - Unisex velour long sleeve raglan £26
06 - Light wash high waist jean cut off short £54
07 - Cotton spandex jersey bandeau body suit £22
08 - Neon pink polish £7
09 - Galaxy glitter polish £7
10 - Sheet luxe punctuation pantyhose £22
11 - Black and white frill sock £8

aaaand on to shoes, and a little bit of Pixi makeup.
01.I saw these converse in the teens section of New Look a couple of days ago, and for some bizzar reason, they just caught my eye, they are also a bargain price! therefore I may just have to return.. tehe.
02.I've wanted some standard creepers for a while now, just black ones would do me, however I saw these on a cheapy shoe website for £30, I love the fact they have the little dalmation print detailing, makes them a little different I think. The shiny on the right from Topshop just please my eyes to be honest, and I can just imagine them with tonnes of summery dresses/jumpsuits for the summer/holiday.
04.I've wanted a classic pair of black and white Converse for ages and ages, but have just never got round to getting any, maybe once I start working and get my first pay through, I shall go through with the purchase!
06.My friend actually just bought a pair of the Adidas Honey shoes, and I just love them, they look like they'd go with pretty much anything, and I'm really into -sportswear- at the moment, ha!
07.I already have an all grey pair of Nike air max's, so seeing as S/S is coming up, I'd just love to get my hands on some more colourful ones, and these ones are just lovely coral/fresh colours! 
08.Reebok classic hi-tops, I'm pretty sure I've wanted these since I was about 15. Basically!
09.10.11.Pixi makeup is quite new to me, but if I've got my research right, I think around 90% of their products contain no parabens/alochol etc, which obviously makes my troubled skin veeery happy. I also want to try something lighter for the summer (instead of a heavy foundation), so this Pixi Fresh Face seems perfect for that. (the eyeshadow palette also caught my eye, I've been after a NAKED palette for so long, and this palette just seems to have all the right colours, and more!)

01 - Leopard print converse, New Look - £10.99
02 - Spike flat forms, £30
03 - Magda metallic lace up shoes, Topshop £30
04 - Black and white converse, All star, Soletrader - £36
05 - Macarena peeptoe leather shoes, Topshop - £35
06 - Adidas Honey low stripes, Schuh - £45
07 - Nike air max's, Nike website - £90
08 - Reebok freestyle hitop - £50
09 - Fresh Face, Pixi - £20
10 - Nude shade wardrobe eye palette - £18.50
11 - Endless silky eye pen - £9.50

Total wish list cost - £712.99, keep dreaming Madi, keep dreaming..

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  1. such a great wish list! I love everything! :)