Wednesday, 29 August 2012

On Da ToWn

Looking over my tagged photos on Facebook recently, I realise how much my life revolves around going out, getting drunk, and having a good time with the same group of people, I mean don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it.. but I've been thinking lately how much money I must've put into going out, if you know me irl, you'll know I'll take out maximum of £15 with me a night, and make it last, however its still £15 every single weekend?! also all the alcohol my body has had to cope with saddens me.. I think I've drank and gone out the most I ever have this year! I've got freshers coming up soon at my university, which worries me deeply seeing as I had such a bad time last year, however maybe this year will be different, maybe... I'm hoping to go to a few things in Bristol/London during the Freshers week to jumble it up a bit, also I don't like Cardiff night life anyway so seems a good plan for me! Seeing as I'm also not in halls this year I will probably end up spending most of the night clinging to Alex the whole time as I won't know anyone else! 
ANYWAYS, I decided to have a shop around at 'going out clothes' on le tinternet, I'm always buying clothes which I know I can wear during the day and night, the clubs me and my friends tend to go to are ones that you don't need heels/a tight dress to fit in, in fact you'd stick out like a sore thumb! So I decided, right, its time to get a bit girly.. I can always tell when I'm getting ready for a night out my mum looks at me and my friends in an almost concerned kind of way, as if to say 'are you really going OUT with your hair top knotted on top your head and wearing trainers?!'. yes mum. yes we are. (shes quite the dresser upper when going out with all her blonde girly friends). 

First I took a look at (obviously) some of the things in Topshop..

I'm going to London just before uni starts (if I actually have the money :"() so thought I'd have a gander on the Rokit website to see if they had any cool dresses or playsuits, (PS I know everything I've chosen from Topshop is black.. shhhh)











ahh yaaa. Bit of a weird post today, yano when you want to blog, but your not really in the correct mood so your posts are a bit shoddy and, well, bad? ha. I might even end up deleting this post when I'm in a more blogger friendly mood pah! However, I really am the worst person to come to on advice to wear on a night out, I would honestly wear leggings. a top, and my converse to a club without giving a second crap, all the glitsy girly stuff really isn't me, but I've tried my best hey! I do really like the shorts that have come into Topshop recently (pearl embellished ones), I think there really cute and I do like the detailing. Hope you've enjoyed my random post anywayzZzZz :)

Heres the song I was listening to while doing this post, incase you wanted to know ;)

Thursday, 23 August 2012


 Its another 10 day challenge post :}
Even though like I said, I thought they were well vain, it seems a lot of blog readers like them, and these posts are proving quite popular! 
Anywho heres 8 fears..

008. Heights.. whenever I walk past a really high point (like looking over a bridge or ledge), I always have a fleeting moment when I'm worried my body will just decide to jump over it, or I'll just fall off somehow, anyone get that? I get it with train stations too, like I feel as though my body might just jump out infront of a train.. okay I sound mental.

007. I'm scared of learning to drive, there, I admit it, as much as I want a car and would LOVE not to be able to get the bus or public services, or rely on Alex all the time, I am absolutely petrified at the thought of managing a huge metal thing that is technically a powerful killing machine. Every time we go round a busy/big roundabout, or past a huge lorry on the motorway, I tense.

006.  I get really nervous and worried (so almost a fear I guess), about meeting new people, like going to university was the worst thing ever for me, its really bad that I'm completely content with the friends I have now, and the thought of being close with anyone other than them makes me nervous and feel weird! Its stupid because I need more friends! hahah.

005. I have a fear of hospitals, I just see it as a negative place because people are either injured or sick while in them! I mean obviously its good because its a place to get better, but like most people I just hate the smell/ scary doctors and all the scary tools and stuff that come with being in hospital.. I dunno.. just not very nice! 

004. I'm not THAT scared, but I hate bees and wasps, I see them as a flying injection.. thats it, to be honest, theyre probably the only insects I'm scared of though! weird huh.

003.  I have a fear of breaking another bone! literally petrified! I can't even imagine going through it all over again, it would suuuuck! 

002. I have a fear of being one big wrinkle when I'm older, not just because I'll be old, but because I have to use steroid creams on my face/body to sort out my STOOPID eczema, which thins your skin = wrinkles. But thats quite a petty fear but whatever!

001. I have a fear of working full time in a dead end job, never having any money, I dread the day I leave uni, live on my own, in a scrubby flat with a shit job and no money.. PLEASE DONT LET THIS HAPPEN FATE </3

Shoddy OOTD

 Lipstick - Barry M
Shirt - Select
Leggings - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Converse - Office
(Not even got any accessories on! da fuk!)

First off, apologies for these photos, and this outfit, I'm pretty sure its one I've done before paha. I just couldn't be bothered much today (sorry, I feel so lazy and slobby lately).
But just to show this as an example.. this is my usual hair and makeup on any normal day. I can never be bothered with my hair, and like I say dont usually wear much makeup, so this really usually is as good as it gets.. IM SORRRYYY.
Anyway today me and Alex mooched round town for a while, which was kind of torture seeing everyone with there bags and people at tills buying loads of clothes/bits. Why is it when you have no money you can think of a bajillion things you want?
I'm planning to spend the whole weekend at Melissa's this weekend, seeing as there are two nights out on the go this weekend and I want to make it to at least one, also Melissa is on her own and Alex has luckily nabbed a FREE Reading ticket for the Saturday! (lucky him ay!).
but yes, will do my 10 Day Challenge tonight, lovelove 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beauty lusts #1

001. Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish, £14.25
I am absolutely dying to try this product, after watching Louise's funny video on how to use the Cleanse and Polish I can't believe and quickly and easily her makeup came off, also the fact that she didn't have to scrub/scrape too much either! I'm just worried it will react with my annoying skin, however a lot of the ingredients are natural so maybe when I get some money together I'll try!

002. MAC Lipstick in Cyber, £14.00
I am a sucker for dark lipsticks, I'm not sure why they suit me, seeing as I have super pale skin, I just think dark lipsticks look good against my ginger hair and I just prefer the look of dark lipsticks up to lighter ones. I haven't bought a MAC lipstick since they were £12 (even though I remember when they were £11, I think its really awful they've gone up so much in price btw.. its not like they have a lack of customers or anything! Cheeky Mac..)

003. Revlon ColorBurst™ lip butter in Crème Brulee, £7.99 
I dont even care about the price anymore. I'm getting this. I've seen nothing but good things about the lip butter from Revlon, and despite what I just said about dark lip colours, I do like msyelf a good nude.  I really like the idea of a lipstick and lip butter/balm rolled into one!

004. Clarins odyssey eye palette, £30 
This is really quite a pricey product, however after seeing Lily's review on there soon to come Christmas collection, I can't help but want to try the beautiful palette! I will probably never actually be able to afford this myself, but maybe it can go on my christmas list ;)

005. Lush lip colour in Passionate, £14.50
I actually went into Lush not long ago and tried this lip colour on, it was SO BRIGHT, I had to ask Alex is it was brighter than anything else I owned, to which he replied 'way brighter!'. I. need. this. in. my. life. However the price saddens me deeply.. I know it'll last me ages but I'm not the type to wear lip colour every single day, so I'm not one for something that lasts necessarily

006. Penny talk Essie Mirror Metallics Collection for Summer 2012 
I recently saw this while looking over tumblr or something I think? I can't believe Essie have come out with a Metallics range and it completely missed me (I feel dopey for missing out on it coming out) BUT I LOVE THEM, especially Penny Talk (the bronzey coloured one)

007. Balmi SPF 15 Strawberry Lip Balm 10g £4.99 
I've seen this floating around quite a bit around the blogsphere too, I think the design looks really handy, and seeing as it has an SPF is just an added bonus, these balms are also on offer at the moment, 3 for 2 in Boots!

008. Dior Addict lip colour in Red Carpet, £24.00
Again, another dark lipstick, just like any other girl (I suspect anyway), I just want to have/try an expensive, designer product, I think the most expensive thing I own is a sample of Versace perfume from Glossy Box.. ha! So this would just be a treat really ;) 

009. 413 BLKR Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Bleecker, £19.00
I NEED THIS, I really really want a lip colour that is really bright, and also includes a glossy finish, I think theres nothing nicer than shiny, bright, voluptuous lips (especially when they're red!)

010. NARS Blush in Orgasm, £21.00
I have the NARS bronzer in Laguna and it has lasted me literally every single day (almost..kind of.. not really EVERY day), since JANUARY. Its honestly awsome, suits my skin tone well, warms my face, and yeah, lasted ages.. Its only just starting to run out properly so I really would like to try a blush from NARS this time . (I use the bronzer as a blush).

Anything you're lusting after lately? I have £40 to last me till September so I don't think I'll be buying anything soon :'(

Monday, 20 August 2012


Halloooo, time to take up more of your time with 9 things I love ... I realise how vain and self obsessed this challenge is now I look at it.. but ah well! 
Enjoy! xo

009. I know its soppy, and also a bit obvious, but I'm going to say my boyfriend, Alex, hes there for me practically all the time and would drop anything if I needed him,  sometimes he annoys the shit out of me but after spending literally months and months without a day apart, who wouldn't annoy you? Hes been there through some of the toughest moments of my life and is generally my little star :)

008. I love my bedroom, sounds weird, because my bedroom is a fucking tip, but its the only place I truly truly feel at home, I love snuggling down in bed watching tv with a candle burning or my fairy lights on, when I'm home alone or spending the day in the house, I will be in there 99.9% of the time, whether it be tidying my sock drawer or spending all day on my laptop.

007. I love my cat, Jeremy.. its weird that I can love him seeing as he also, is really annoying. Brushing up against my black leggings whenever I come in the kitchen and nearly tripping me up is NOT COOL. However hes just too cute, I wish I could snuggle with him more often but hes bad for my skin etc. :(

006. I love makeup, products, nail varnish, and all things beauty, even if I might be allergic to half of it, I love the packaging, smells, lovelyness of most things 'beauty'. Its weird because usually I'm quite a scruffy person, I rarely bother with doing my hair and don't really wear much makeup unless I'm going out.. ah well !

005. I love my friends, which I've basically mentioned before, but nothing beats spending days/nights out with them.

004. I love going out, loads of people ask me how I can possibly like going to the same place, with the same people, with the same music, practically every weekend. But its just different okay! Literally everytime I'm out with my friends it never feels like a routine, I mean yeah we drink, dance, chat, and get chips at the end of the night, but things ARE always different, what we wear, who we see, etc...shh.

003. I love being paid, I mean obviously everyone does, to go out shopping and treat themselves etc (I do like doing this too), but I just love the reassurance of having money in my account, I've never had parents that would bail me out if I'm in trouble, or hand me a tenner every now and again just because, which is why its so comforting to have at least something on my ATM screen! ;)

002. I love getting cooked for, in all honestly, I cook for myself around 2% of the time, and even then it'll be beans on toast. Guaranteed. It is unknown to me whether I have any real cooking talent seeing as I absolutely HATE cooking, its like my pet peeve, my worst nightmare, the most annoying thing ever! I'd much rather appreciate someone else's hard work with my mouth.. it just makes sense!

001. I love my phone and laptop, I am constantly on either of them, pretty much all people over the age of 40 I come across tend to say to me 'what are you even doing on there?' 'do you ever get off that thing?' 'who can you possibly be texting all the time!'... Its just possible to be on an iPhone all the time, okay?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Soft hearted

Dress - Topshop
Socks - American Apparel
Shoes - Office
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Rings - Motel & Urban Outfitters

First off, so sorry about the lighting on these photos, it looks terrible and so dismal (mainly because the weather looked exactly the same way! also sorry for my weirdo face) 
Today I was hungover so couldn't be bothered to make much of an effort (hence my hair), and I was just spending my day over Alex's moping around so I thought this outfit was perfect for that, also despite the rain it was really hot, so thats why I have no tights on. I absolutely love my new shoes from Alex's parents/nan, they go with absolutely everything so far and I just love how sweet they look!
The frilly socks are another present from my best friend, Maddie. I really love the colours! The necklace is from Alex, literally everyone I've seen has complimented on it, which is nice :) I saw it ages ago in Urban Outfitters but decided against buying it for some reason, however when Alex took me birthday shopping, I couldn't resist asking for it :)
Today Alex has been painting my room (FINALLY), so the background in my photos will be a brighter light pink from now on. We're off back to Alex's now so I don't have to breath in all the fumes from the paint (phew!)
Hope you enjoy my outfit and have had a good day, also, have a good weekend !

20th Birthday

Birthday goodies! yaaaay!
So on August the 15th I turnt the ripe old age of 20 (oww, teenager forever please), I honestly feel quite old now, like, I almost feel as though I'm even coming to the end of my clubbing days?! I mean it feels like all the people who go out at the moment range from like 16-18 right?! I'm 20 now! FFS :(
Alas I'm not like 70 yet so its not all bad, here are a few of the things I recieved for my birthday!

B&W Converse - Alex's parents & nan
American Apparel leggings - Alex
Rings from Urban Outfitters - Alex
Necklace from Urban Outfitters - Alex
Socks and Lip balm from AA - Maddie
Rum (ma fave!) - Melissa

(PS Converse are a LITTLE dirty because I wore them out Wednesday night :})


10 Day 'You' Challenge

Hallo thur! By the title of this, and my little PHOTOSHOP fancy pants 'edit' (I'm slowly getting the hang of the lingo), you might've guessed I'm jumping on the bandwagon of the whole '10 day challenge' thing, I can't promise you it'll be THAT exciting, but none the less, like everyone else, I have enjoyed reading everyone else's, so I hope you enjoy reading mine! Phew that was a lot of 'everyone else's' 

Just like the lovely ladies over at Jayde & Gee's blog, I'm probably going to start of the first 10 with not secrets about me, but just general facts you might not know I guess (but lets face it, if you know me irl, you know I'm a little bit of a blabber mouth when it comes about talking to myself, I think I get this annoying tendency from my mum, sooo you might already know these details..but yeah.. soz)

001. I'd say around 70% of the time I actually don't wear any sign of makeup, not because I'm proud of my naked face, but because I am THAT lazy I simply can't be bothered, I've roamed round anywhere from Tesco's to the center of Bristol with no makeup on before, and I will admit I shy my head down or pretend to sort out my fringe if I see someone really pretty or someone I know (in an 'oh god' sort of motion), but yeah, thats the reason, I cannot be bothered with a full face everyday.. its also a good break for eczema and spots anyway!

002. When I go shopping on my own, even if I know I desperately want something, I usually end up coming home with nothing because for some reason, I just feel like shops are swallowing me up with all there choices of clothes, bright lights and PEOPLE, I just can't concentrate, then end up thinking about the price too much, and end up just wanting to jump straight back on the bus! Its ridiculous! and very annoying.. I also hate going shopping with my boyfriend, I'm not sure why but I'd just rather show him things when I get home than in the shop (I get paranoid about judgment if I like something, silly I know!)

003. Pretty sure 99% of my online 'following' already know all about the broken bone I sustained over Christmas last year, but yeah, I had to drop out of uni, and work, and have pretty much been a bum ever since. I did cheerleading at university (which was actually awsome), but then one day I fell from the height of a stunt awkwardly which ended in a huge snap and one screaming Madi! (yikes), it was the first time I'd been in an ambulance, been in the most pain I had EVER experienced, had gas and air, and took morphine all in the space of about 20 minutes! I now also have a part bone part metal leg, which can be pretty cool, depending on how you look at it... pah! 

004. I've had the same 3 closest friends throughout my whole teenage hood, in a way I think its quite sad, but in another way I absolutely love having friends I can be completely myself around.
Having so many memories shared together over the years (ranging from 15-present) is lovely :). We've had our ups and downs but never really fallen out too badly ha! Its also funny if one of our group is missing on a night out, we'll always get asked where the missing member is. 

005. My best friend since the age of 4 is the same best friend as I have now, and to make it even cooler, we have the same name! Which I personally think is a pretty rare one?!

006. I decided to stop dying my hair and grow out my natural ginger locks all because every time I went round my grandads he'd always say what a shame it was I kept covering it up with bleach or other colours, obviously at the time I ignored him in a grunting teenager sort of manner, but then one day I woke up crying after dreaming he died and never got to see my ginger hair on me as a 'women', so to speak. Even when I met Alex he'd tell me I'd look good brunette or a honey blonde, yet now he absolutely adores my hair (apparently), so yeah, good move!

005. Even though I just turned 20, I feel as though I'm still about 15.. I still love drinking alcohol from a plastic bottle I've mixed up at home before hitting a night club, I love acting like a child, and even dressing like one from time to time, and whats worse is that I actually hate going to work for my money, and have no real ambition ahead of me. ooooopzz.

004. Whenever I eat dairy or drink alcohol I get puffy eyelids, a rashy back/stomach/face/backs of my knees/elbows. Also when I eat anything with egg in it gives me an itchy mouth! It SUCKS but there are worse things in life ay :) 

003. I spend my life alternating each day between my house and my boyfriends, and have done for the past 3 years, looking at my life from a distance I can see how it can look disgustingly tiering/boring/awkward, but I'm used to it now and like spending most of my time with Alex :) 

002. I'm jealous of all 'pretty' girls, when I'm out on the street and see a boy next to a girl, instead of doing what instinct makes us do (look at the opposite sex - if you're straight obviously), I ALWAYS end up looking at the girl, what her hairs like, makeup, clothes, what shoes shes wearing etc. I'm just obsessed with comparing myself to other girls and feel jealous and disappointed in myself almost every day!! 

001. The only music I listen to out of choice (i.e not on the radio etc), and really enjoy, is chart music.. which shames me deeply and embarrasses me a whole lot more, I'd love to be into and like 'alternative' and 'interesting' music, but I just can't help but fall in love with all the chavadelic beats on Kiss fm these days! However I obviously can't resist all the old school hip hop classics too, bless me. I am a chav. 

Hope reading this wasn't too boring or 'long'!
try the 10 day challenge yourself so I can take a nosy! 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Come sit next to me

Harley Davidson top - Urban Outfitters (about 3 years ago!)
levi shorts - St Nicks market
belt - Vintage shop
black socks - Primark
vans - Office
hoops in my urr's - New Look
lippy - Barry M

Howwwwdy, first off, sorry to grace all your eyes with my INSANELY plae skin, its not my fault okay .. 
1) I haven't been abroad this year
2) each time I have gone out in the sun, I have been burnt
3) I'm ginger, its okay to be pale
ANYWAY, today was spent going to hospital appointments (woo), and going to town to get my birthday present which will be from Alex's mum & nan, I will probably do a post on what I get for my birthday either Thursday or Friday so ya :)
Pretty simple outfit really, yano when you can't really be bothered to make an effort? sounds gross but usually washing my hair every day is an effort for me so there you go. My hair is washed ;)
I don't really know whats going on with my fringe lately, its gone a bit haywire and crazy seeing as I can't be bothered with cutting my full fringe back in lately, It definitely looks better on the side off the camera, not so sure about on it though..
PS Its my birthday tomorrow! I'm no longer going to be a teenager which sadens me DEEPLY seeing as looking back, nothing of much excitement has actually happened through my teens, depressing or wot. (also sorry for my silly/not serious photos, I just can't help it when posing infront of a camera, on my own, in my bedroom.. soz)


Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hallo there fellow bloggers and 'fans' (haha I wish), I decided to take part in this competition seeing as its an AWSOME prize and I've never really done one before, so gotta start somewhere I guess, I really enjoyed putting the blog posts together (so much so I stayed up till 3am one night working on the collages, bless me). I hope you like my take on the HOLIDAYHOP Ibiza/holiday themed competition, I honestly didn't realise before New Look could cater to my taste, but after being given the excuse to go through pretty much every tab on the New Look website, they have proved me wrong! Anyway, please comment and let me know what you think! 
Enter the competition yourself! For rules and entry requirements visit

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Jumper - Alex's
Leggings - American Apparel
Socks - Topshop
Converse - Office
Hoops - New Look
makeup - Every day makeup look - *coming soon*

Went to lunch with my old work friend Christina today, and she told me some good good news, theres avaliablity at my old place of work, Esprit, again :) and for the THIRD time I've been offered my little 8 hour contract back, yayyy! I feel like piece by piece after my horrific time at uni/my accident things are finally getting on track and how they used to be again :) I'm planning on starting ballet lessons again come September and of course I am giving university another go.. maybe just not the cheerleading this time, or if I do, I'll be an on the floor type of girl, as aposed to a 'flyer' ha!
My outfits quite simple and casual, the jumpers Alex's but I looove it, so soft :) 

New Things #2

Hallo! These are the new beauty bits I've purchased recently and just thought I'd share them with you :)
I've been wanting to try out some Burts Bees products for AGES, seeing as most of them are 100% natural and nurishing for the skin, I bought the tips and toes kit seeing as it was only £12.99 for 6 products and also there are no body butters/washes that would aggravate my eczema. (you can buy variations of this gift type set - I decided to treat myself with this one seeing as my birthdays coming up AND I got a job today back at my old work that I've been employed to THREE times now, lol..) I will have a full review of all the products once I've got a good use out of them so maybe in the next month or so.

The next products are the No.17 Blow Out Mascara and Eyeliner that are on offer and seem to be advertised all over Boots at the moment, I actually was in desperate need of a new mascara after my trusty Maybelline Falsies volum' express mascara has completely dried up (oops), to be honest I think its deffo worth the deal they have going on at the moment, I think you get both the eye liner and mascara for £6 something? correct me if I'm wrong. The eyeliner is super black and comes out really easily/flawlessly, and seems to stay on all day! (my eyes usually have the habit of pushing all my makeup to the corner of my eyes making it look like I have eye boggys... so uncool), but this doesn't seem to do the same thing! I think the mascara is slightly watery up to others I've used and you need quite a few coats, however overall its a good mascarra and I find it gives my lashes really nice length :)

Finalllllly I caved in and bought my beloved MAC Mineralize skin finish, and I'm being deadly serious now.. this powder is the best, most cost effective, awsome powder I have ever used
  • Its never the reason for me breaking out
  • Its a PERFECT (and I mean perfect), match to my pale/ginger skin tone, (I use 'Light')
  • It sits perfectly over my foundation (which is quite thick/moisturising)
  • I tried buying what I used to buy as a teenager, Rimmel Clear Complexion powder in Translucent, as to accommodate my purse, and in comparison I think its RUBBISH, for some reason it seems to give me a more orangy/pink dusting as aposed to a flawless pale finish like the MAC powder does. 
  • It lasts all day, its awsome, I've only had to buy 4 pallets in the past 10 months