Friday, 17 August 2012

10 Day 'You' Challenge

Hallo thur! By the title of this, and my little PHOTOSHOP fancy pants 'edit' (I'm slowly getting the hang of the lingo), you might've guessed I'm jumping on the bandwagon of the whole '10 day challenge' thing, I can't promise you it'll be THAT exciting, but none the less, like everyone else, I have enjoyed reading everyone else's, so I hope you enjoy reading mine! Phew that was a lot of 'everyone else's' 

Just like the lovely ladies over at Jayde & Gee's blog, I'm probably going to start of the first 10 with not secrets about me, but just general facts you might not know I guess (but lets face it, if you know me irl, you know I'm a little bit of a blabber mouth when it comes about talking to myself, I think I get this annoying tendency from my mum, sooo you might already know these details..but yeah.. soz)

001. I'd say around 70% of the time I actually don't wear any sign of makeup, not because I'm proud of my naked face, but because I am THAT lazy I simply can't be bothered, I've roamed round anywhere from Tesco's to the center of Bristol with no makeup on before, and I will admit I shy my head down or pretend to sort out my fringe if I see someone really pretty or someone I know (in an 'oh god' sort of motion), but yeah, thats the reason, I cannot be bothered with a full face everyday.. its also a good break for eczema and spots anyway!

002. When I go shopping on my own, even if I know I desperately want something, I usually end up coming home with nothing because for some reason, I just feel like shops are swallowing me up with all there choices of clothes, bright lights and PEOPLE, I just can't concentrate, then end up thinking about the price too much, and end up just wanting to jump straight back on the bus! Its ridiculous! and very annoying.. I also hate going shopping with my boyfriend, I'm not sure why but I'd just rather show him things when I get home than in the shop (I get paranoid about judgment if I like something, silly I know!)

003. Pretty sure 99% of my online 'following' already know all about the broken bone I sustained over Christmas last year, but yeah, I had to drop out of uni, and work, and have pretty much been a bum ever since. I did cheerleading at university (which was actually awsome), but then one day I fell from the height of a stunt awkwardly which ended in a huge snap and one screaming Madi! (yikes), it was the first time I'd been in an ambulance, been in the most pain I had EVER experienced, had gas and air, and took morphine all in the space of about 20 minutes! I now also have a part bone part metal leg, which can be pretty cool, depending on how you look at it... pah! 

004. I've had the same 3 closest friends throughout my whole teenage hood, in a way I think its quite sad, but in another way I absolutely love having friends I can be completely myself around.
Having so many memories shared together over the years (ranging from 15-present) is lovely :). We've had our ups and downs but never really fallen out too badly ha! Its also funny if one of our group is missing on a night out, we'll always get asked where the missing member is. 

005. My best friend since the age of 4 is the same best friend as I have now, and to make it even cooler, we have the same name! Which I personally think is a pretty rare one?!

006. I decided to stop dying my hair and grow out my natural ginger locks all because every time I went round my grandads he'd always say what a shame it was I kept covering it up with bleach or other colours, obviously at the time I ignored him in a grunting teenager sort of manner, but then one day I woke up crying after dreaming he died and never got to see my ginger hair on me as a 'women', so to speak. Even when I met Alex he'd tell me I'd look good brunette or a honey blonde, yet now he absolutely adores my hair (apparently), so yeah, good move!

005. Even though I just turned 20, I feel as though I'm still about 15.. I still love drinking alcohol from a plastic bottle I've mixed up at home before hitting a night club, I love acting like a child, and even dressing like one from time to time, and whats worse is that I actually hate going to work for my money, and have no real ambition ahead of me. ooooopzz.

004. Whenever I eat dairy or drink alcohol I get puffy eyelids, a rashy back/stomach/face/backs of my knees/elbows. Also when I eat anything with egg in it gives me an itchy mouth! It SUCKS but there are worse things in life ay :) 

003. I spend my life alternating each day between my house and my boyfriends, and have done for the past 3 years, looking at my life from a distance I can see how it can look disgustingly tiering/boring/awkward, but I'm used to it now and like spending most of my time with Alex :) 

002. I'm jealous of all 'pretty' girls, when I'm out on the street and see a boy next to a girl, instead of doing what instinct makes us do (look at the opposite sex - if you're straight obviously), I ALWAYS end up looking at the girl, what her hairs like, makeup, clothes, what shoes shes wearing etc. I'm just obsessed with comparing myself to other girls and feel jealous and disappointed in myself almost every day!! 

001. The only music I listen to out of choice (i.e not on the radio etc), and really enjoy, is chart music.. which shames me deeply and embarrasses me a whole lot more, I'd love to be into and like 'alternative' and 'interesting' music, but I just can't help but fall in love with all the chavadelic beats on Kiss fm these days! However I obviously can't resist all the old school hip hop classics too, bless me. I am a chav. 

Hope reading this wasn't too boring or 'long'!
try the 10 day challenge yourself so I can take a nosy! 

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  1. New to your blog and I love it! Don't be jealous of all the 'pretty girls', you're very pretty and I'd love to have your hair! :) xo