Thursday, 23 August 2012


 Its another 10 day challenge post :}
Even though like I said, I thought they were well vain, it seems a lot of blog readers like them, and these posts are proving quite popular! 
Anywho heres 8 fears..

008. Heights.. whenever I walk past a really high point (like looking over a bridge or ledge), I always have a fleeting moment when I'm worried my body will just decide to jump over it, or I'll just fall off somehow, anyone get that? I get it with train stations too, like I feel as though my body might just jump out infront of a train.. okay I sound mental.

007. I'm scared of learning to drive, there, I admit it, as much as I want a car and would LOVE not to be able to get the bus or public services, or rely on Alex all the time, I am absolutely petrified at the thought of managing a huge metal thing that is technically a powerful killing machine. Every time we go round a busy/big roundabout, or past a huge lorry on the motorway, I tense.

006.  I get really nervous and worried (so almost a fear I guess), about meeting new people, like going to university was the worst thing ever for me, its really bad that I'm completely content with the friends I have now, and the thought of being close with anyone other than them makes me nervous and feel weird! Its stupid because I need more friends! hahah.

005. I have a fear of hospitals, I just see it as a negative place because people are either injured or sick while in them! I mean obviously its good because its a place to get better, but like most people I just hate the smell/ scary doctors and all the scary tools and stuff that come with being in hospital.. I dunno.. just not very nice! 

004. I'm not THAT scared, but I hate bees and wasps, I see them as a flying injection.. thats it, to be honest, theyre probably the only insects I'm scared of though! weird huh.

003.  I have a fear of breaking another bone! literally petrified! I can't even imagine going through it all over again, it would suuuuck! 

002. I have a fear of being one big wrinkle when I'm older, not just because I'll be old, but because I have to use steroid creams on my face/body to sort out my STOOPID eczema, which thins your skin = wrinkles. But thats quite a petty fear but whatever!

001. I have a fear of working full time in a dead end job, never having any money, I dread the day I leave uni, live on my own, in a scrubby flat with a shit job and no money.. PLEASE DONT LET THIS HAPPEN FATE </3

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