Monday, 20 August 2012


Halloooo, time to take up more of your time with 9 things I love ... I realise how vain and self obsessed this challenge is now I look at it.. but ah well! 
Enjoy! xo

009. I know its soppy, and also a bit obvious, but I'm going to say my boyfriend, Alex, hes there for me practically all the time and would drop anything if I needed him,  sometimes he annoys the shit out of me but after spending literally months and months without a day apart, who wouldn't annoy you? Hes been there through some of the toughest moments of my life and is generally my little star :)

008. I love my bedroom, sounds weird, because my bedroom is a fucking tip, but its the only place I truly truly feel at home, I love snuggling down in bed watching tv with a candle burning or my fairy lights on, when I'm home alone or spending the day in the house, I will be in there 99.9% of the time, whether it be tidying my sock drawer or spending all day on my laptop.

007. I love my cat, Jeremy.. its weird that I can love him seeing as he also, is really annoying. Brushing up against my black leggings whenever I come in the kitchen and nearly tripping me up is NOT COOL. However hes just too cute, I wish I could snuggle with him more often but hes bad for my skin etc. :(

006. I love makeup, products, nail varnish, and all things beauty, even if I might be allergic to half of it, I love the packaging, smells, lovelyness of most things 'beauty'. Its weird because usually I'm quite a scruffy person, I rarely bother with doing my hair and don't really wear much makeup unless I'm going out.. ah well !

005. I love my friends, which I've basically mentioned before, but nothing beats spending days/nights out with them.

004. I love going out, loads of people ask me how I can possibly like going to the same place, with the same people, with the same music, practically every weekend. But its just different okay! Literally everytime I'm out with my friends it never feels like a routine, I mean yeah we drink, dance, chat, and get chips at the end of the night, but things ARE always different, what we wear, who we see, etc...shh.

003. I love being paid, I mean obviously everyone does, to go out shopping and treat themselves etc (I do like doing this too), but I just love the reassurance of having money in my account, I've never had parents that would bail me out if I'm in trouble, or hand me a tenner every now and again just because, which is why its so comforting to have at least something on my ATM screen! ;)

002. I love getting cooked for, in all honestly, I cook for myself around 2% of the time, and even then it'll be beans on toast. Guaranteed. It is unknown to me whether I have any real cooking talent seeing as I absolutely HATE cooking, its like my pet peeve, my worst nightmare, the most annoying thing ever! I'd much rather appreciate someone else's hard work with my mouth.. it just makes sense!

001. I love my phone and laptop, I am constantly on either of them, pretty much all people over the age of 40 I come across tend to say to me 'what are you even doing on there?' 'do you ever get off that thing?' 'who can you possibly be texting all the time!'... Its just possible to be on an iPhone all the time, okay?

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