Saturday, 4 August 2012

A fashion-y one!

Outfit one - 
Cutout shoulder shirt dress £40 TOPSHOP
Bow hair clip £12 each AMERICAN APPAREL
Tortoise Jimmy Dean Sunglasses £9.99 ARC CLOTHING

Outfit two - 
3/4 sleeved round necked knit £22.99 ARC CLOTHING
Glamorous Black Della Shorts £29.99
                                                                            Black & Gold Peace Bracelet £5.99
                                                                                     Mini roller hat £25.00

                                                         Outfit three -
Official NBA Minnesota Timberwolves basketball vest. £25.00 SALE
Glamerous Gold Omisha Disco Pant £29.99
Peep through cross earrings - £7.50

Key Piece - Black and white Hi-top converse

I thought I'd start off posting again by a quick styling post. At the moment I keep seeing converse EVERYWHERE, I swear they never seem to go out of fashion, maybe drift in and out of popularity, but never really out all together. I find the prices of Converse at the moment are near on the same everywhere you go, I'd say around £42-45. Obviously I'm still trying to nab the best price (so do comment if you've seen them cheaper!), I'm gutted they dont do the junior converse in size 4, (in which case they'd be £29.99-35!!), unlucky hey! 
I really like the all white hi-tops too (very festival chic I find), however I already have a pair of low top ones, and I have wanted a black and white pair for as long as I can remember. When I was a little emo in the year 2007 I had a pair of pink ones with black spots, and they were worn through! Signed with doodles and all ;)
I keep imagining hi-top converse with pretty much all my outfits lately which is why I decided to do a post, I actually nearly bought some today in Sole Trader but they were out of size 4s! Outfit wise, I think my favourite has to be the far right, its very me in regards to the disco pants and vintage feel the basketball vest gives. I'm really into the whole basketball player look, however, haven't purchased anything yet seeing as I don't want to offend people by wearing it and not actually supporting/watching basketball.. ah well, what we do for fashion these days probably makes it acceptable anyway. Also isn't that dress from Topshop adorable? I actually love this print, and am actually looking into buying the bedding they do in Ikea in black and white in this print, (whats it called? I'm not actually sure!), I really like the colour, and thing it gives a really girly touch to the Converse in this outfit.
PS Those disco pants, are actually NOT American Apparel!? I think these are the most impressive dupes I've seen! Obviously I can only see them on my laptop screen, however, the seams look spot on and the material looks less tacky than other dupes I've seen. Also they are an amazing price at even less that than half price of the real thing! Awsome :) They are infact from the Arc Clothing website, I happened to come across this amazing find through a friend of mine, on her blog, Olivia includes a lot of styling posts based around Arc Clothing and I never actually ventured on the website till today, the prices are INSANE (-ly cheap) and the clothing is actually very fashion ready for the current trends/season! 

Hopefully I'll have some outfit posts for you soon, I'm just spending so much time with my boyfriend at the moment it seems impossible to fit it in! Wish me luck! 

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