Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Come sit next to me

Harley Davidson top - Urban Outfitters (about 3 years ago!)
levi shorts - St Nicks market
belt - Vintage shop
black socks - Primark
vans - Office
hoops in my urr's - New Look
lippy - Barry M

Howwwwdy, first off, sorry to grace all your eyes with my INSANELY plae skin, its not my fault okay .. 
1) I haven't been abroad this year
2) each time I have gone out in the sun, I have been burnt
3) I'm ginger, its okay to be pale
ANYWAY, today was spent going to hospital appointments (woo), and going to town to get my birthday present which will be from Alex's mum & nan, I will probably do a post on what I get for my birthday either Thursday or Friday so ya :)
Pretty simple outfit really, yano when you can't really be bothered to make an effort? sounds gross but usually washing my hair every day is an effort for me so there you go. My hair is washed ;)
I don't really know whats going on with my fringe lately, its gone a bit haywire and crazy seeing as I can't be bothered with cutting my full fringe back in lately, It definitely looks better on the side off the camera, not so sure about on it though..
PS Its my birthday tomorrow! I'm no longer going to be a teenager which sadens me DEEPLY seeing as looking back, nothing of much excitement has actually happened through my teens, depressing or wot. (also sorry for my silly/not serious photos, I just can't help it when posing infront of a camera, on my own, in my bedroom.. soz)


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