Monday, 6 August 2012

Maybe just one picture


Floral leggings - Topshop £22
Grey vest top - Urban Outfitters Sale years ago £10
Nail Varnish hands - American Apparel Neon Pink £7
Nail Varnish feet - Barry M Silver Foil Effects £3.50
Jelly Shoes - Office £12
Hoops - New Look 99p for 2 pairs
Rings - Motel & New Look

After what like, 4 months, an outfit post :) my bad about that guys.. ha.
I went to my nans today for what was meant to be a catch up chat but my mum and brother ended up coming over too which resulted in them talking most of the time. sigh. ah well! I'm seeing her Wednesday too so she can take me to B&Q and maybe buy me a new chest of drawers! woohoo! 

Anyways! These leggings are from Topshop, I got them originally for £22, then saw them like 3 days later in the sale for £12, and now I think they're like £8!? pissed! Sorry for the plain-ness of this outfit, like I said I only went over my nans so it wasn't like I was exactly going anywhere fancy, I don't actually know why I decided on the gold hoops today seeing as I always usually go for silver (like the rest of my jewellery), however I am wearing these New Look hoops pretty much every day since I got them! (two hoops for 99p, bargain). The top I have on is SO OLD now and even when I went to Eygpt with my boyfriends family in 2010 I remember my boyfriends dad saying it looked trampy (lol), but I like it! and its such a comfy material so hey ho. 

My nail varnish is AMAZING, I've seen a lot of people already rave about the American Apparel neon range, however I only seem to really like the pink, I think its eye catching and beautifully tacky ha. I swear my hair has seemed to have grown a whole load since I last blogged too, Alex dyed the ends again not too long ago, but seeing as I am a carrot top, my hair doesn't really seem to take to dye as well as most hair would, so I got a feeling its going to need another doing soon! My skins looking really dry lately which is a shame seeing as it was doing so well before, I would really love to be able to try out an oil such as the clarins one and a couple others I've seen talked about, but I just know they will react with my skin, annoying! 

On my feet are my trusty jelly shoes, I think they go really well with the leggings and give them an even more 70/80s feel, which I love. Silver toes? can't go wrong, go with everything, and make your feet look blinged up. 
I hope this post hasn't been to rambly, I've kind of felt rambly writing it, but hey ho, hope you've all had a good weekend and have a good week, mine will consist of waiting for job offers and spending time with Alex I expect! 

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