Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Things #2

Hallo! These are the new beauty bits I've purchased recently and just thought I'd share them with you :)
I've been wanting to try out some Burts Bees products for AGES, seeing as most of them are 100% natural and nurishing for the skin, I bought the tips and toes kit seeing as it was only £12.99 for 6 products and also there are no body butters/washes that would aggravate my eczema. (you can buy variations of this gift type set - I decided to treat myself with this one seeing as my birthdays coming up AND I got a job today back at my old work that I've been employed to THREE times now, lol..) I will have a full review of all the products once I've got a good use out of them so maybe in the next month or so.

The next products are the No.17 Blow Out Mascara and Eyeliner that are on offer and seem to be advertised all over Boots at the moment, I actually was in desperate need of a new mascara after my trusty Maybelline Falsies volum' express mascara has completely dried up (oops), to be honest I think its deffo worth the deal they have going on at the moment, I think you get both the eye liner and mascara for £6 something? correct me if I'm wrong. The eyeliner is super black and comes out really easily/flawlessly, and seems to stay on all day! (my eyes usually have the habit of pushing all my makeup to the corner of my eyes making it look like I have eye boggys... so uncool), but this doesn't seem to do the same thing! I think the mascara is slightly watery up to others I've used and you need quite a few coats, however overall its a good mascarra and I find it gives my lashes really nice length :)

Finalllllly I caved in and bought my beloved MAC Mineralize skin finish, and I'm being deadly serious now.. this powder is the best, most cost effective, awsome powder I have ever used
  • Its never the reason for me breaking out
  • Its a PERFECT (and I mean perfect), match to my pale/ginger skin tone, (I use 'Light')
  • It sits perfectly over my foundation (which is quite thick/moisturising)
  • I tried buying what I used to buy as a teenager, Rimmel Clear Complexion powder in Translucent, as to accommodate my purse, and in comparison I think its RUBBISH, for some reason it seems to give me a more orangy/pink dusting as aposed to a flawless pale finish like the MAC powder does. 
  • It lasts all day, its awsome, I've only had to buy 4 pallets in the past 10 months

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