Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Howdy blog friends
basically, I just want to apologise for being a BAD BLOGGER lately, I get a feeling these posts are probably going to become a frequent thing.. soz :( I just tend to go through these stupid phases where I feel really ugly or none of my clothes are right so I just want to shy away from the 'blogsphere' unfortunately :( However, I'm thinking long and hard lately about setting up a Youtube, I check mine at least once a day and would just love to do vlogs/chatty videos etc.. I'm not sure if people would be interested, but most of me just wants to crrrrringe at the thought. Anyway, I should have a post coming soon regarding the Passion for fashion blog competition thats been floating around lately, so I look forward to putting that one together! I have a day off work tomorrow and a day of sitting in my nans waiting for Alex to paint her hallway, so I may well just do it then.
Hope you're all having a good weekend and looking forward to the weekend 

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