Friday, 21 September 2012

Passion for Fashion competition

Hola! so I am sooo behind on this whole Passion for fashion comp bandwagon, I was emailed to get involved in the competition like WEEKS ago but just havent got round the finishing it! but alas, here it finally is :) I was asked to create five outfits, for five different occasions, under the price tag of £200 to create a beeeeautiful A/W wardrobe. (heres the entry to the competition here). I actually sat and did 3/5 of these posts sat in a local cafe, I never thought I'd be able to work very well in a loud, busy cafe, but it actually worked out pretty well and I'm really pleased with my outfits :) none of them are particularly themed around current trends, however I think I incorporate a lot of them into each outfit. I'm not really a believer of following trends, well, not religiously anyway! Obviously I believe in following whats in the shops/on the street, but I don't think anyone should completely stick with trends.. does that make sense? Make them your own :) Hope you enjoy my outfits and I give you some inspiration for some fairly low budget pieces/outfits for your A/W wardrobe! 


TOTAL : £191.50

Here is my casual outfit for the blogger competition 'passion for fashion', I have to say I think Topshop have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to this A/W picks. I am absolutely in love with majority of the boots they have in stock at the moment. The colours I've picked out to accessorise with here are very me, and very autumn winter, I love a rich, deep colour either on the lips/nails, and also a good nude, so why not pair them together! This camo jacket WILL be my winter coat/jacket, I am determined, it looks so cosy and even has a fur lining! This outfit isn't supposed to be Topshop themed.. however I had to include these rings, I'm usually a silver kind of girl but I think that may be swaying now its coming into the winter months, If you're after a cheap/effective way to bling up an outfit, I think ring sets are go to items! 


TOTAL : £197.50

I am RUBBISH when it comes to dressing up smart, I've had one job which I stuck with for a month where you had to dress boring and posh.. I personally think its rubbish! Nothing worse than an uncomfy stiff shirt and sweaty dull trousers. Obviously depending on what office environment you're in, this outfit is pretty casual, I fell in love with these trousers when my friend pointed them out (yet again, in Topshop), they have a lovely tapered shape and are a pretty thick cotton, nice and warm for winter. I do like the look of a white shirt however, if it isn't too dressy. This one is perfect with lovely cut out detailing and is 100% cotton! I think the tote bag is TOTally overpriced, but I do love a good tote bag, and this would fit everything in to a party outfit for after work or your laptop :) 


TOTAL : £197.46

I'm actually totally suprised this outfit is under £200! Lately I'm trying to change my style a little from simply retro tshirts and leggings (boring..but oh so comfy), to more of a polished/girly look. With this look I've still got a beloved cotton tshirt (ahh), however I've added earrings (never usually wear earrings, but after seeing these maybe I should, £5! absolute bargain!). I love this tshirt from the JW Anderson collection Topshop is holding at the moment, so simple yet effective (although I can't help but think ~hipster~ when I look at it ha!). I don't think you'll be able to go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans this season. Just a wardrobe must have really! I'm pineing so much after this lip lacquer from NARS, it just looks so edible and lovely. Nice colour for Autumn too! (PS - I've been a bit cheeky and used a Miss Selfridge jacket even though I've said its from H&M, they are basically the same, ones just on a model, so I didn't want my post to look scruff! tehe)


TOTAL : 195.97

Right, I know loooads of people will look at this post and think.. 'what the actual hell I would NOT wear this on a date!?! a baggy dress AND baggy jumper? what are you.' however, this is what I'd feel 100% comfortable in, no fear a boob will fall out or I'll flash an ass cheek in something skimpy and tight fitting, if you're out for a meal, who wants to show off there food baby on a first date?! I've added the heels, bag and earrings to give the outfit a bit of 'class', I also added the hat, which wouldn't be a necessity, its kind of depending on if you're going somewhere posh or not! (no hats inside people). I also think the collar and jumper look is also really in this season. I know for one think I'd be 100% happy going to a date in this en samble :) 


TOTAL : 161.47

What can I say, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT OHHH MY. Its SO me and just so beautiful. Literally everything in this post pleases my eyes. First of, Chelsea boots, get some. I think these are another piece that a girl shouldn't go without this season, I'm pretty sure I see them everywhere from catwalk, to magazines, to celebrities, to people on the street, to every Tom, Dick and Harry! Yeah everyone has them, but I think they are one of those must haves, and go with anything, which is why I think its good to invest in a decent, leather pair. These are awsome! Adding frilly socks will give them a girly feel (and I love me some frilly socks - PS I would wear them with a nice chunky heel, but I'm just too much of a wimp to go down town, drunk, with heels on.. bless me). A dark lip and metallic nails will be all the rage with me this A/W I can just tell, what with being ginger, I really do think purple lippy is my colour :) (PS how COOL is this ring from ASOS, I LIKE!)


  1. Ooo, really like your outfits, the first date was is gorgeous - definitely my favourite. Good luck with the competition. Feel free to check out my entry too xx

  2. I love these outfits especially the office and first date ones! gorgeous :) xx