Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I thought I'd include a slightly more fashion-y post on my blog today, just random really, like I said I'm just putting a random selection of posts lately to see what I like doing and what fits with my blog.
I was just browsing style.com when I came across this RTW collection by Dion Lee.. I absolutely love designs like this, I just think they're perfect, monochrome is definitely my favourite type of design, (I say this from a high end point of view, I never really wear monochrome myself, although blacks, greys and navy's are my favourite colours). I really love the way Lee has subtly incorporated metallics into his collection seeing as they're all the rage this season, I also really like the cuts/patterns/silhouettes of each design, most/all of the designs for his A/W collection are mainly dresses/skirts, I like the way all of them are simular but also slightly different in shape/texture.  
The styling for this collection compliments the dresses perfectly, the simple yet detailed weaved 'cap' hair style doesn't draw too much attention away from the bodice. From what I can tell the makeup looks pale with brown eyeliner, again a favourite look of mine, a very plain and simple look, I am all for a bright lip, but I think from a professional styling point of view, simple eye makeup seems all the rage at the moment. I am by no means a fashion/styling expert (yet), and obviously this is my first real critical post on a designer, I'm just expressing my views and saying go check him out! 

'It's tempting to describe the appeal of Lee's clothes in terms of their technical accomplishments: the geometry of the silhouettes; the innovative, architectural quality of the construction; the unexpected materials artfully deployed. You can't avoid talking about those elements of Lee's work, and they form a tremendous part of its appeal. In this collection, for instance, he created strands of high-visibility fiber, and wove them into light-reflecting knits, and draped them off sheaths. (Perfect for cycling back from a party at night, maybe.)'


  1. I'm not too keen on these designs but this is a great post :)