Thursday, 4 October 2012

NARS Luster Blusher

Ola! I'm finally getting round to doing a few review posts lately like I said I would! I thought i'd do a post on the new blush I bought from NARS on Tuesday, I've been using their bronzer as a blusher since January this year (looong), so thought it was about time I experimented with more of there cheek products seeing as I love the Laguna so much :)
At first I really wasn't sure about this product, the lady at the counter showed me a few colours which were simular to Laguna, but all I could think about was how good their bronzer already looked against my hair etc.. however I was wrong! when I first tried this blusher this morning I thought straight away 'nope. don't like it', but then went into work, and what with work being work (slightly boring at times, mean while being surrounded by about 4 mirrors on each floor), I realised it makes my face look brighter, more flawless and just all round more healthy. I began to think its more of a summer blush, which is true, I do want to try some of their darker blushes, however I think this is lovely for a simple day look.
The consistency is just like Laguna, matt, powdery, but not too drying. The pigment is absolutely perfect, it does have a slight shimmer to it, in store it looked like proper glitter! (a no no in my eyes), but when I got it home I realised it was more of a highlighting/subtle glow rather than chunks of glitter (, so ya! all round a beauty of a product :)

{PS sorry for the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL photo of my face, unedited so you can see a true resemblance of colour against my skin tone etc }



  1. At the risk of sounding creepy, You have really pretty eyes! You looks stunning :) This really suits you!

  2. Your skin is SO lovely! Luster looks beautiful on you! xo

  3. This colour really suits you :) xx