Tuesday, 2 October 2012

NARS Products I want to try

Today I bought a new NARS Blusher (sneaky), just because my Laguna bronzer has literally hit pan completely so I technically NEED something new, I decided to try a blusher, I'm excited to try it but still a bit apprehensive, hopefully I'll actually get round to doing a review :) Anyway I also booked a 'makeup lesson', I'm literally making the most use I can out of the fact there is an actual counter in Cardiff rather than having to purchase online. It involves spending £25 which you can further redeem to try out products you're curious about! Sounds good to me!

'A moisture-rich cream blush formula that provides smooth, silky color for naturally luminous skin. The velvety texture delivers long-lasting color and blends easily natural-looking color. * Provides a sheer, flush of color for all skin tones * Enriched with Vitamin E * Can be worn alone or paired with powder blushes'
I'm really interested in trying a cream blush, I never really have, and seeing as this one is 'enriched with Vitamin E' it seems all the more promising! Especially with the drying season of winter approaching it all sounds good to me, also the colour is absolutely gorgeous, Its from NARS' 'Vintage' range online. 

'Cult classic hues and a mix of modern textures and formulas. There are no boundaries, only the most sumptuous color imaginable. Features Roman Holiday Lipstick, Bangkok Pure Matte Lipstick, Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, and Orgasm Lip Gloss. A £47 value.'
I definitely want to get my hands on this, FOUR lip products for under £50! If you do the maths this actually works out at a really good deal. I really do want to try NARS' lip gloss and find out more about their lipstick. I have a Matte Lip Pencil already and its not my favourite, I find it a bit drying and doesn't blend/suit me too well, However maybe I'll like it more in a different colour? 

'Bronzing Powder creates the ultimate healthy glow. Diffused powders with golden shimmer create an all-over warmth or contour for the face perfect for creating or enhancing the look of tanned skin. Finely milled powders fills in lines and pores for smoother, more even looking complexion. * Iconic shades ideal for all skin tones * Natural looking, imperceptible finish * Subtle shimmer adds glow'
Like I said above, I have just hit pan completely on my Laguna bronzer, I was so so tempted to buy it along with my new blusher today, however my bank balance is already suffering (I crey). It has a really lovely shimmery tone to it, along with being perfectly blend-able and if something as prominent as a bronzer can suit a pale pale ginger person, I'm pretty sure its good to go for all skin types!

'Full-bodied texture and stay-in-place wear in NARS signature shades. Lips look luscious in shades for day or night in hues that are perfect alone or for pairing with other products.
* Unique texture prevents color from bleeding * Includes Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil'
wahhh I've been looking at this product for ages, seeing the lovely jubly ingredients this one includes makes me happy, again what with the winter coming up I don't think theres anything skin likes more than Vitamin E and all the luxurious oils this one provides! Along with that, look at this fab colour, I absolutely love light coloured lips, but I just don't think they suit me as much as a bright/dark lip.. so I'm happy to say that NARS has this vibrant pink, mmm I just want to eat it!

'Outrageously lustrous color meets high-impact shine. Dramatic, stay-in-place shades glide on smoothly and evenly for lips that are more luminous and voluminous than ever before.'
AGAIN, LOOK AT IT.. to be honest, the way NARS themselves describes this just sounds fabulous, I need it in my life, for ages now I've wanted a lip product that makes my lips stand out and just look full and llllushious, I think this is the product to do that :)

'Custom-designed to provide women with the proper tool for a faster, more professional makeup application. This brush is designed with only the finest quality of hairs and a delicately weighted handle to provide the necessary balance for professional and precise makeup application.'
defffffffo in need of a lip brush, I want more lip products for a start, and I'm actually pretty terrible at lipstick application, so I think a brush would be a lot better, I really like the way its retractable too! Obviously its a bit on the expensive side.. however it DOES have 'the finest quality of hairs'... ahhh...

If any of you have tried any of these products and want to give me a little insight, feel free! I will hopefully have a review/swatches of my new blusher soon, I hope I like it/it suits me! Also I will update you about my makeup lesson and purchases :)

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  1. It all looks so beautiful I wouldn't want to use it haha :)
    Great wishlist!