Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Music I'm listening to;

Everything Everything - Cough Cough
Bondax - Gold
Daughter - Still
The Weekend - Twenty Eight 

1; I've loved the band Everything Everything ever since I first heard them on the radio in the car, they're quirky rhythms and lyrics are really upbeat and make me feel happy :)
2; I've only recently discovered Bondax, I'm not sure if they're new or old? (bad researcher), but I love this song, it has a good beat to it and I seem to listen to it on repeat lately
3; Another radio find, this song makes me really sad and I seem to relate to it a lot, however its such a beautiful song I can't help listening to it (and maybe having a little cry, sob sob)
4; Last but not least, The Weekend, ever since I first decided to download their album for free after seeing a link on a friends Facebook wall, I have never looked back, another band I could literally listen to for days and days on repeat, everything about them is so relaxing, I like the use of devious yet powerful lyrics and I would love love love to see them live. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Office
Glasses - Osiris, Specsavers 
Necklace - Topshop

Just a short post for you today, I literally have nothing planned, but got up and dressed because it seems like such a nice sunny day outside, my mums gone out and left me with my ill brother thought which is a tad annoying seeing as we can't go anywhere until shes back!
We might be getting a puppy today, I'm pretty much 50/50 that my mums boyfriend will bring one home, hes been teasing my mum about the idea the whole bank holiday weekend and I know the family all really want one so I dont really get whats holding us back... !!!
I look like I have a really big head and bad hair in this photo. Soz!

Ciao xoxo

Monday, 1 April 2013

Topshop Wants

Seeing as I'm a bit hit and miss with all this blogging business, I might as well blog when I fancy and let you know when I do! Here are my current Topshop wants, I'd pretty much agree with anyone who said Topshop was my favourite high street retailer, I always find it easy to pick up something I like in there, whether it be for the day or evening. 
1 - Topshop lip tint; I've never actually tried much when it comes to Topshop makeup, I have a neutral eye palette and two highlighters but thats about it, I've also wanted a fiery orange lipstick for a while, this one seems the perfect shade and a great pop of colour for summer.
2 - Ribbed V front skater skirt; I'm not really sure why I like this dress,  its really not my style, however I can imagine it would look really flattering once a teeny tan is acquired, a statement necklace, and of course either my converse or trainers.
3 - Moto blue denim pini dress; This style of dungaree/pinafore has been floating around for a good few months now, and is pretty much all over the high street, I've never actually tried one on, but I can imagine it suiting my style.  
4 - Sleeveless panel shirt, pale blue; I love the colour and tailoring of this shirt, I can imagine wearing it a lot in summer, especially underneath the Pinafore mentioned abobe!
5 - Aztec jacquard shirt; I really like this shirt, however I do think its a tad over priced, I know I could get something simular in a vintage store for a fraction of the price, However I like the fact this looks quite crisp/bold.
6 - Assorted animal collar; WHAT THE HELL I love this necklace, and I really couldn't tell you why.. I'm really into statement necklaces at the moment and tend to buy one every two weeks it seems! I think Topshop Jewellery is pretty much always worth the money, you can usually pick up an on trend piece for around £10, and I've never had anything break on me!
7 - Major metal square corner sunglasses; Another piece I can't really explain why I like.. but I do, I think these are one of the most unusual pair of sunglasses I've ever seen! not sure if they'd suit me, I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to sunglasses. Need to get my hands on a pair for summer though! Quite a bargain at £16.00. (However my last pair of Topshop sunglasses broke on the third wear, off putting...)
8 - Lace flippy dress; I'm going to V fest in August, and theres nothing I like to wear more at a festival than comfortable dresses, they look pretty, make wellies look a little more less 'Hi I'm on a farm today', and are generally an all round easy item to wear. I love the shape/colour/material of this dress, win win win!
9 - Woven double zip luggage; I'm starting to look for new handbags at the moment seeing as mines started to rip on the inner lining :( I have to carry so much around with me most of the time seeing as I'm either travelling to uni or staying round a friends. I really like this bag, its a bit masculin in a way but I reckon it would fit my laptop etc in perfekkkt!
10 - Giraffe print PJ set; Okay what. I need these. end of.

Hope you enjoyed, Ciao for now!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Puma Suedes

Dress - Topshop
Jumper - Topshop
Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Topshop
Tights - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - JD Sports 

Hi hi hi hi, I was just about to set my tripod up and do a proper outfit post (I practically did, but then realised I couldn't find the thingy that attaches to my camera to make it balance on the tripod. ruins)
So yeah here are my photos of today.. bit of a fail but hopefully you get the general idea of todays 'garmz' lolz.
I went to the pub round the corner from my house with my friend Christina today, it was nice, we had food (including a MASSIVE pudding of a 'MEGA' ice cream sunde) and ended up staying for around 4 hours; chatting about the usual topics/laughing lots. 
Not really wearing anything out of the ordinary, as usual most of my outfit is Topshop, all items have been worn to death since I got them.
My shoes are new Puma Suedes from the Junior section at JD, (not new as in new to the store, I mean new to my feet), they only cost me £35 and I can't stop wearing them. I think Puma Suedes are a bit love/hate, I personally really like them :)
Sorry this is short and a bit rubbish, I have yet again let my uni work pile up so I need to get on with that instead of procrastinating :( 
ciao xoxox

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kate Moss Rossetto #107

"I'm going to start blogging more now I've lost my job"
"Obviously going to blog about this outfit when I get home"

"Defiantly going to share this song on my blog when I get the chance"

I'm such a failure and its still annoying me.. however heres a nice post full of my lips for you..
So, I have absolutely no income at the moment, however I decided it would be a good (?) idea to go to Boots with a uni friend the other week when we missed out train to uni and spend £20? All for a good cause though of course. 
I bought a few bits along with this lipstick from the Kate Moss range for Rimmel. I already have a really dark purple colour from this collection so knew what I was getting myself into quality wise already, I can't actually remember the name of the one I already have (sorry!), however it nearly looks black in some lights. I think I really suit dark lipsticks, even though I'm pale, I just think they somehow bring out my features more and make my complexion look more flawless; Light/nude lipsticks tend to wash me out and make me look slightly ill..

Last week I bought some burgundy leggings from Urban Outfitters, just like the ones from American Apparel, however these ones cost me £25 as apposed to £34! Come to think of it I can't believe I actually have two pairs from there, thats £68 on two pairs of leggings... Oh to have disposable income. ANYWAY I was trying to find a lipstick to match them, which I managed with success! I have Rimmel's lipstick 'Starry Eyed' which is very simular to this, however this one has more of a reddish tone as apposed to purple. Both lipsticks smell amazing, theres nothing worse than cheap lipstick with a nasty 'I got this in 1994' kind of smell, these both smell like berries so immediately score high.
I think if I could change anything about this lipstick it would be to add slightly more moister, seeing as its such a dark colour its not so great when you've worn it all day and have a horrendous lip liner look going on which nothing really solves except applying more, which in turn makes them more dry. 

Overall I really love the colours throughout the Kate Moss collection, they've been out for a while now but I wouldn't mind acquiring more, and at £5.49 a go you can't really go wrong now can you? ;)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hurry up Summer

Oh hi there!
right, I don't even know where I've been, well, I do, but basically I've been going through such a whirlwind of things lately I just haven't managed the whole blogging thing, which is a shame, I've pretty much missed the whole christmas season (clothes/makeup/blogging - wise), and I'm pretty disappointed in myself!
However, to give my self a little credit, I have been working 3 days a week, along side commuting to Cardiff 3 days a week to study for uni. I never really realised how hard I was pushing myself until the shop I work in closed down Saturday and I have time to rest and reflect! 
Anyway anyway, here are a few things I'm lusting after lately, all I can think about is summer and when these disgusting dark mornings, 'layering' and bitter cold will GO. AWAY. In all honesty, if I could skip winter as a whole (including halloween, bonfire night, christmas, AND new year), I think I actually would, I am completely for frolicking around with shorts and a t-shirt as apposed to constantly shivering and tensing my body to keep warm (nightmare). 

[Outfit 1]
I'm still not too sure about this jumper, its not something I'd immediately pick up but I just thought it was so funny, and also looks too comfy to resist. I'd probably put a white collared shirt underneath or just a plain tee, I absolutely love these 50's hotpants, they're not too expensive for good old toppers either. Maybe I'm being a little too hasty with the sunglasses, but I can't stop thinking about festivals and antics of the summer lately, these sunglasses look pretty durable for all occasions! When I first saw these Vans, I was like 'what the hell they look so cool yet so ugly, how is this possible?' theres a girl at my uni who seems to rock these in a way I swear I could never find possible, but I do think they'd be a versatile pair to have, look pretty comfy too (and I'm all about comfort..).
I imagine wearing this outfit all year round, with tights and a leather jacket in the winter and bare legs in the summer.

[Outfit 2]

Okay so I've been looking and looking for a pair of high waisted jeans that look really flattering but won't break the bank, these appear to have my name written all over them.. however I never see high waisted jeans in store to try? which is annoying.. but hey ho,  these seem a pretty nifty price for what they are so I may just have to order them! Carhartt hats... well, aren't these just everywhere at the moment? mainly on 'hipsters' heads or all over tumblr, however I knew I'd end up jumping on the 'hype' and ending up liking them, I don't think I'd necessarily get this colour.. a plain black one seems more fitting for my day to day dress sense. This letter tee from Topshop, I think, is really nice, I like the way its oversized/slightly sheer, definitely one for the S/S wardrobe! THESE SHOES, another 'hype' everyone seems to be jumping on, Nike Airs, I bought a pair during summer purely because I wanted something cheap and comfortable to walk in while my leg was still healing, however I've noticed since then they have just EXPLODED everywhere, which I like, as ugly as some may seem, I do like myself a good pair of 'creps' as some would say ;).

[Outfit 3]

I already have a petite tee dress just like this from Topshop, but its slightly lighter... meh! I love the way it fits and is just the right length, it may make you look like a cute primary school girl, but most people seem to think I'm around the age of 15 anyway so who cares! I'm all for frilly socks, I think all in all I have about 12 pairs? I think they add such a effortless 'quirk', if you like, to an outfit. These black glitter trim ones are just cuteeeee. Also, Puma Sudes, I've been umming and ahhing over a pair for aaages, I just can't decide which colour I like, also the fact I know I can get them for nearly half the price in the juniors range (when they're actually in stock), always holds me back!

Sorry this isn't much of an interesting post, just thought I'd let everyone know I was still alive (and kicking, almost), and I should be back to this whole blogging business on a regular basis (I can't promise anything just yet, but who knows!), Hopefully now I can get my spark back :)