Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kate Moss Rossetto #107

"I'm going to start blogging more now I've lost my job"
"Obviously going to blog about this outfit when I get home"

"Defiantly going to share this song on my blog when I get the chance"

I'm such a failure and its still annoying me.. however heres a nice post full of my lips for you..
So, I have absolutely no income at the moment, however I decided it would be a good (?) idea to go to Boots with a uni friend the other week when we missed out train to uni and spend £20? All for a good cause though of course. 
I bought a few bits along with this lipstick from the Kate Moss range for Rimmel. I already have a really dark purple colour from this collection so knew what I was getting myself into quality wise already, I can't actually remember the name of the one I already have (sorry!), however it nearly looks black in some lights. I think I really suit dark lipsticks, even though I'm pale, I just think they somehow bring out my features more and make my complexion look more flawless; Light/nude lipsticks tend to wash me out and make me look slightly ill..

Last week I bought some burgundy leggings from Urban Outfitters, just like the ones from American Apparel, however these ones cost me £25 as apposed to £34! Come to think of it I can't believe I actually have two pairs from there, thats £68 on two pairs of leggings... Oh to have disposable income. ANYWAY I was trying to find a lipstick to match them, which I managed with success! I have Rimmel's lipstick 'Starry Eyed' which is very simular to this, however this one has more of a reddish tone as apposed to purple. Both lipsticks smell amazing, theres nothing worse than cheap lipstick with a nasty 'I got this in 1994' kind of smell, these both smell like berries so immediately score high.
I think if I could change anything about this lipstick it would be to add slightly more moister, seeing as its such a dark colour its not so great when you've worn it all day and have a horrendous lip liner look going on which nothing really solves except applying more, which in turn makes them more dry. 

Overall I really love the colours throughout the Kate Moss collection, they've been out for a while now but I wouldn't mind acquiring more, and at £5.49 a go you can't really go wrong now can you? ;)


  1. Such a lovely colour, definitely worth it! Suits you so well! x