Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Music I'm listening to;

Everything Everything - Cough Cough
Bondax - Gold
Daughter - Still
The Weekend - Twenty Eight 

1; I've loved the band Everything Everything ever since I first heard them on the radio in the car, they're quirky rhythms and lyrics are really upbeat and make me feel happy :)
2; I've only recently discovered Bondax, I'm not sure if they're new or old? (bad researcher), but I love this song, it has a good beat to it and I seem to listen to it on repeat lately
3; Another radio find, this song makes me really sad and I seem to relate to it a lot, however its such a beautiful song I can't help listening to it (and maybe having a little cry, sob sob)
4; Last but not least, The Weekend, ever since I first decided to download their album for free after seeing a link on a friends Facebook wall, I have never looked back, another band I could literally listen to for days and days on repeat, everything about them is so relaxing, I like the use of devious yet powerful lyrics and I would love love love to see them live. 

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