Monday, 1 April 2013

Topshop Wants

Seeing as I'm a bit hit and miss with all this blogging business, I might as well blog when I fancy and let you know when I do! Here are my current Topshop wants, I'd pretty much agree with anyone who said Topshop was my favourite high street retailer, I always find it easy to pick up something I like in there, whether it be for the day or evening. 
1 - Topshop lip tint; I've never actually tried much when it comes to Topshop makeup, I have a neutral eye palette and two highlighters but thats about it, I've also wanted a fiery orange lipstick for a while, this one seems the perfect shade and a great pop of colour for summer.
2 - Ribbed V front skater skirt; I'm not really sure why I like this dress,  its really not my style, however I can imagine it would look really flattering once a teeny tan is acquired, a statement necklace, and of course either my converse or trainers.
3 - Moto blue denim pini dress; This style of dungaree/pinafore has been floating around for a good few months now, and is pretty much all over the high street, I've never actually tried one on, but I can imagine it suiting my style.  
4 - Sleeveless panel shirt, pale blue; I love the colour and tailoring of this shirt, I can imagine wearing it a lot in summer, especially underneath the Pinafore mentioned abobe!
5 - Aztec jacquard shirt; I really like this shirt, however I do think its a tad over priced, I know I could get something simular in a vintage store for a fraction of the price, However I like the fact this looks quite crisp/bold.
6 - Assorted animal collar; WHAT THE HELL I love this necklace, and I really couldn't tell you why.. I'm really into statement necklaces at the moment and tend to buy one every two weeks it seems! I think Topshop Jewellery is pretty much always worth the money, you can usually pick up an on trend piece for around £10, and I've never had anything break on me!
7 - Major metal square corner sunglasses; Another piece I can't really explain why I like.. but I do, I think these are one of the most unusual pair of sunglasses I've ever seen! not sure if they'd suit me, I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to sunglasses. Need to get my hands on a pair for summer though! Quite a bargain at £16.00. (However my last pair of Topshop sunglasses broke on the third wear, off putting...)
8 - Lace flippy dress; I'm going to V fest in August, and theres nothing I like to wear more at a festival than comfortable dresses, they look pretty, make wellies look a little more less 'Hi I'm on a farm today', and are generally an all round easy item to wear. I love the shape/colour/material of this dress, win win win!
9 - Woven double zip luggage; I'm starting to look for new handbags at the moment seeing as mines started to rip on the inner lining :( I have to carry so much around with me most of the time seeing as I'm either travelling to uni or staying round a friends. I really like this bag, its a bit masculin in a way but I reckon it would fit my laptop etc in perfekkkt!
10 - Giraffe print PJ set; Okay what. I need these. end of.

Hope you enjoyed, Ciao for now!


  1. wow what a pretty collection of Western Dresses for Girls..very nice!!!

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