Saturday, 31 May 2014

What the f*** was all that about?

January & February 2014.. wtf!? I don't think I've ever been so moany, depressing, self centered and BORING. ever. If anything, these two months taught me that karma is a very real and very powerful thing. However, what goes around comes around - be shit, get shit. Do a good deed, have positive actions, and of course think happy thoughts; chances are things will turn right around in your favour.

I thought 2013 was the greatest year of my life yet, but thinking back thats probably only because I had such a bad 2012 to compare it to. Don't get me wrong it was an awesome year, however I now feel like, 2014 is starting to excite the shit out of me (not literally..).
As usual it seems to be whizzing by, already within the time span from March to May, I have managed to visit the French capital with one of my best friends, passed my driving test and purchased my very own first car, gain new friends, obtain a 1st in one of my university assignments, and somehow nabbed myself the funniest, wittiest, handsomest, awesomest guy in all the land. (blugh). 

Safe to say life is pretty sweet right now. I've struggled for a while to project and share my happiness due to feeling boastful, spoilt or just down right annoying. However looking back my blog was definitely making me out into the 'I am a raging emo' persona.. Sharing happiness is a great thing. When my friends tell me about the trips they've been on, the new people they've met or the nights out they've had that have been fricking hilarious. I love it. Intensly listening to other peoples adventures is one of my favourite pass-times, as well as sharing my own, of course! Something else I've learnt this year is that making someone else happy, is one of the best feelings in the world. I've never really appreciated or noticed how my actions, or sometimes my general presence (hi arrogance), has changed someones mood before, and quite frankly, its awesome! 

Oooh a motivational quote selection. OBVIOUSLY I found these all on Pinterest, who doesn't love a good motivational quote. All of the above are carefully selected, believe it or not. They're all the ones that meant a lot to me when reading/coming across them. I'm not really sure what I'm on about anymore, I'm hoping this blog will start becoming more fashion related again soon, as at the moment its all very much lifestyle. (sorry if thats not your thing!). Although I quite like advising people and listening to peoples advice, DMC's etc (deep, meaningful, conversations - dontcha know)

Thanks for reading

Madi x