Monday, 22 September 2014


This season it appears not, accent eyes, natural looks, and dewy skin all seem on the agenda for this years a/w beauty looks. This disappoints me MASSIVELY, (not that I will be closely following trend gurl). I love dark lipstick, I think it makes contouring appear stronger, eyebrows more poignant and general complexion more flawless -  a lot of people can agree that darker lips gives the illusion smaller lips - but who would notice a little overdrawn lip these days. (ahem, Kylie Jenner, ahem)
I'm practising a few looks on a friend this weekend, I'm aiming to put together a small portfolio for my next venture, despite doing a degree in fashion promotion, my interests as of late lie with makeup and cosmetics. Ive participated in a few photo shoots throughout my time at uni and I just love getting creative with colours and different medium. Heres me just playing around with monochrome accent makeup in photoshop - credit to Pinterest for the photos :)

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