Monday, 22 September 2014


The other day, I spent a good chunk of money in Ikea, literally just on bedding.. however this did include a new duvet, duvet set, mattress protector and bottom sheet. I sometimes actually ENJOY spending money on things for my room.. at the moment its all I have when it comes to unleashing my inner interior decorator; As in, I don't have a house quite yet. I've been spending night after night over the past few just scrolling through Pinterest (of course), at all the beautiful and quite frankly freaking amazing interior decor. Some houses out there are quite literally insane. If I had all the budget and of course time, in the world, I'm sure my house (bedroom) would look splendid! After gathering together a few pins on my 'Interior' board, and thinking about how I'd decorate my kitchen and office space (how middle aged of me.)
I thought I'd share some of my inspirations with ya'lllll :)
 When it comes to interiors, especially in this day and age, I don't think anything can be TOO white, clean or open. However sometimes to me that seems a bit cold, I've never ever been the type to keep everything in order or have a tidy bedroom 24/7, I like the mess at times, it makes me feel at home. My favourite combination ever is white against bright colours, or white against dark colours. I think it looks polished and fresh, and no matter how messy the room is I'm pretty sure if you've got the decor right, it could be hard to tell that YES that throw is meant to be thrown on the bed, out of place and un-folded... god.

 As I was saying, an ORGANISED MESS, is the adjectives I think I'm looking for. I'm definitely going to have one of those houses that looks as though its trying to be all modern and chic but there will be random pictures and postcards all over the fridge, a wonky carpet in the hallway and more than likely coats, jackets (& clothes) effortlessly draped over ever chair/sofa. Guilty. I want a house that looks lived in, but also looks awesome; Warm, cosy, creative, clean, messy. In a nutshell. 

Cool things about the above pictures: 
The elephant head! Creepy but 'arty' ;)
The chalk board wall, in my kitchen? YES.
The memory wall of pictures and quotes. love.
The two pictures second before last, I would very much happily mimic everything in both; the colours, textures, details of the bedroom and the organised clutter in the living room.
The lights are SO COOL, where do I get them? How do I make them?
The wall paper in the bathroom, I'm all for a statement wall and this seems pretty mouth watering to me. It makes me feel a bit sick but also makes me dribble at the same time. I'm thinking disgusting 80s decor meets sour starbusts..

So yeah! I can and can't wait to have my own house to decorate, I think it would be as stressful as it would be fun, this is mainly because I'm SO INDECISIVE and would spend ages just choosing what the taps would look like in a new bathroom let alone a whole room!

Check out my Pinterest for more :)

Madi x

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