Monday, 22 September 2014


Its safe to say, purple is my favourite colour in the entire world, bar white & black.
I've been meaning to do this post for months, I wear lipstick pretty much 6/7 days a week, I think lipstick instantly adds a glow to the face like nothing else does, for me it compliments my skin tone, makes me look more awake, and generally makes me feel more attractive. (How strange, just a stick of colour that you rub over your lips makes you feel better...).
I thought i'd let you gander at my favourite purple lipsticks that I usually have rolling around in my makeup bag or day bag (most of my friends know that when asking me to borrow a lipstick, I have the most variety of colours - to hand, at all times).
My mum thinks all my lipsticks look the same, just like I think her collection of dusky pinks do, but we all have crazy obsessive collections.. right?!
Please do excuse my photography skills, I couldn't be bothered to wait for my camera to charge so I used my iphone! I think its kind of over cast lighting today hence why they haven't come out great. I haven't necissarily put them in a certain order but yeah!

01. Kate Moss, No 04
I call this my "fuckoffdon'ttouchme" lipstick, I wear it a lot, (more so in winter), on nights out. Usually mainly because it adds a darker/gothic look to any outfit, but also because while within the clubs of the UK, there are gross, smelly boys. Gross & smelly boys who want to look and touch, I wear this in the hope to scare them off. It usually works. (Thanks Kate)
02. Rimmel, Dark Night Waterl-oops!
This is probably the lipstick I wear least out of my purple collection, not really for any particular reason.. Its a beautiful deep purple with a very moisturising and 'shiny' finish. The only downfall to this lipstick is that it doesn't last long, and transfers to other parts of your body, or someone else's (ayy ;)), very easily. It doesn't stay put too well is what I'm trying to say.

03. Rimmel, Starry Eyed

This is my oldest purple lipstick. An old friend from my first experiences at uni used to wear this on a daily basis (hey Rosie girl!), I was intrigued to wear a dark lip like she did so followed her lead - infact, she was probably the reason I was brave enough to try it and love wearing dark shades so much now! This has a pretty normal lipstick-y finish, if that makes sense, not particularly moisterizing, but not matte in any sense of the word. Its more of a deep reddy purple tone.
04. Mac, Heroine
My ABSOLUTE favourite lipstick ever, I bought this unexpectedly because I could get a lipstick for £5 rather than £15 when I once purchased some of my prolong concealer, so obviously - how could I say no. This lipstick is a very vibrant, matte finish, electric purple shade - I. love. it. The best thing about this lipstick is it lasts all day without a topup, It even fades to a pleasant hot pink when the top layer has come away. (Only downfall to this is waking up with bright pink lips the next day, despite washing your face the night before).
05. Mac, Up The Amp
Another bargain you could say - When you take 6 empties to Mac you get a free lipstick! I've known about this little goodwill exchange from Mac for around 3 years now so have been taking advantage ever since, I asked my friend who works in Mac which kind of purple he thinks would suit me the best, he came up with this one - Its a lovely sheen finish with a soft purple pigment running through it. It's not the best for staying on the lips and needs topping up a lot - Its a great summer version for a purple lip.
The photos I have of me in the lipsticks, admittedly aren't the greatest, however theyre just a few I have on my Instagram that I thought show the colours best :) Whats your favourite colour lipstick? 
Thanks for reading :) xoxo

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