Saturday, 4 July 2015


Seeing as I've had quite a lot of time on my hands the past few months, but not the physical capability of actually being productive, I thought now I'm better I can make the most of getting all my ideas out that I've had in my brain for so long! I'm not going to lie, I've been shopping SO MUCH lately, because I haven't been shopping in weeks and weeks, and barely touched my student loan all the way from APRIL (wtf), I've just justified every shopping trip with those exact excuses. I've been shopping and shopping but not necessarily WEARING the clothes I've bought - until now! I find since not being able to wear the clothes I wanted for so long (reasons stated on my other blog!), I'm really into putting a new little wardrobe together with a fresh mind. Anyway, despite having already bought more than I can afford, and definitely more than I need, I thought 'hey, lets put together some MORE things I want'.... :D

From left to right

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation (Warm Ivory) & Laura Mercier Primer Protect - I haven't worn any foundation, conceler, or any form of beauty product for that matter (crrrrryyy so hard), in about 12-13 weeks. So, I decided while waiting for a friend to finish work at the mall to pop into John Lewis, you know, just to have a look... Obviously 10 minutes later I find myself, eyes closed, sat on the elevated seat on the Laura Mercier counter, not caring who was watching me enjoying the makeup artist, smooth my face with these beauuutiful products. I was actually worried about this, (!!WILL I GET AN ALLERGIC REACTION!!) said my brain, but I thought - well, theres only one way to find out. Both products felt so weightless and satin smooth on my face, 'Kirtsy' applied the primer with her finger tips, and the foundation with a makeup sponge. Its no exaggeration when I say she used just a blob from a cotton bud to cover my entire face. The Primer (£29), has an SPF of 30, which made me happy as I'm always on the hunt for makeup bases with SPF in (don't want them wrinkles yano). The Foundation (£41.50), was moisturising and very sheer at first, but I was assured it was build-able if I wanted it with more coverage for a night out etc. My grandad gave me £20 this afternoon... thats BASICALLY the Primer, and after all I do NEED a new foundation...

MAC Lipstick in Film Noir - I don't know why but I feel like I would be really into brown lipstick right now if I was still wearing it religiously every day, I have 6 empties from my eyebrow pencil at the moment that are ready to be traded in to MAC for a free lipstick (yep. they do that!). Not your typical Summer colour, but I always find I tend to suit a darker lip as apposed to a pinky/girly shades. Its either this or Velvet Teddy I will be adding to my collection next!

Black Cross Strap Sling Back Jelly Shoes (New Look, £12.99) - I NEVER BUY SHOES, OKAY? So lately I've found gaps in my existing collection. I have no black sandals, who doesn't have black sandals? I've been having a gander round the shops and noticed that a chunky/masculine shape is really in when it comes to this S/S sandal style. Due to the fact I have small feet along with small legs, I find chunky shoes can sometimes make me look like my feet are MASSIVE (in proportion with the rest of my body). I thought these ones from New Look looked like the perfect shape for me, and at £12.99? What a steal! 

MOTO Mom Jeans in White (Topshop, £42) - I've never owned a pair of white jeans in my life, however after seeing a girl working in H&M looking really nice in them, I grabbed a pair on a whim. However after trying them on at home they were way too big around the waist, and for some reason it appeared that waist 26 was the smallest size they stocked in that style? ANNOYING, I do want another pair though! I think white jeans can look really stylish with the right outfit, and of course perfect for Summer! 

Pineapple Print Tee (Topshop, £14) - This is just not even needed, a 'just because' purchase. I'm actually looking for the perfect striped short sleeved tshirt to go with my new black dungerees, but this is just cute. 

PS I really don't want to have to spend £42 on the boyfriend fit jeans from Topshop,  If anyone has any suggestions of a cheaper version, let me know! 

Madi x

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